Create Enough Space for Your House

Large space is an important things to build comfort home. First step is consider how wide your land and how far your house with your neighbor. Enough space also support health house. The necessity of large space for building grows are important to consider of our building grow. Someday, we will build another room for another functions, such as if we need to build another room for our children, of guest room.

In another case, the lost of building space function will make another impact and problems in the future. Based on this case, so we need to optimize our design to avoid that problems. Followed picture is a design for enough building space. The green color is the minimum proportional for the space. We can add more large space if we have planned to build another room such as garage or garden.

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An Attractive Small Kitchen

Small kitchen with suitable structuring are an ideal choose for small family whom want to buy or rent small house. Good room structuring is the main key of health kitchen, we can reduce the size of the kitchen, but don't forget to look lively about the health of the kitchen or the house owner, and also the safety. Place the gas burner near the ventilation or blower fan to guarantee the safety. Use hanging cabinet above the gas burner, count the high of the cabinet, so we can reaching anything well.
Place wash basin near the window, so we can investigate well when we wash the vegetables, cooking tools or eating tools. To make the room more comfortable, just use hanging picture on the wall, use suitable wall color.
The design was taken from

Comfort House, Like a Resort

It's not too difficult to build the house with design a la resort or small tropical restaurant. The important think is how we design the place for outdoor dinning room in the middle the house. We can open the roof so we can see the sky from the dinning room. To connect dinning room with other room, we can build small bridge and build fishpond under the bridge.

Someone will feel more comfort and feel like home and they wouldn't reject to come once again in next time. High quality places like resort and unique places usually built with several consideration. Start from environtment support, shade trees, suitable material and color, and free sound and smoke pollution.

There are several consideration before building home sense like a resort:
  • If we want to consult with a consultant or an architect worker, tell him/her that we want to build comfort home like a resort.
  • Give him/her several sample pictures from several resort that we want to adopt.
  • Let the indoor room more opened to make wide sense, use glasses or other transparent material so we can look at outside or dinning room.
  • Try to place garden or green trees in strategic place, so we can look at the garden from outside or from other indoor room.
  • If we had some sport equipments, we can place them near or in the same place with the garden or near the dinning room.
There are more way to make the sense of the house like a resort, just improve our imaginations to get other ideas. So, just do it!

Small Family House, Elegant but Simple Enough

Family based design, we don't need a large house, just simple but elegant design. The house divided in two floors, in first floor, on the left side, we can build the garage, on the right side, we can build the special room for the guest. In the middle and the front of the room, small front room sized 3 x 2,5 m to place the guest room. In the behind of the guest room, there are small door to connect with the living room, we can place the television and other electronics goods. Behind the guest room, there is the main sleeping room.
By splitting the behind room, we can divide the room to build dinning room and kitchen room. The stairs are placed in the behind of the garage. If we up the step into the second floors, we can directly entering the multifunction room. In this second room, there are three rooms, the multi functions room, and two children's sleeping room. We usually use the multi function room for entertainment room by completing with home theater or karaoke room. In the front of second floor, we can build the balcony, so we can looking around the house, by placing several flower or ivy, we can create the conditions of the house more comfort and more cool.
The design are adopted from,

Aluminum Window, an alternative design with superior power and elegant form

Are you designing a modern home decoration? consider to choice a modern material such as aluminum,.Aluminum Window, an alternative design with superior power and elegant form. This window is an unique design, nowadays, designing aluminum framed windows, is a popular design, not only to perform the window more elegant but it had superior power, the windows are stainless and mothproof, so we can reduce the cost of maintenance or repairing for about five years. The forms of the windows also can be performed more flexible, we can adhesive the point of the frame. To perform the glass more wide, we can also conducting the glass, so the windows will looked more cleans and elegant. Here the picture:

The design are taken from, the web are concern in architecture and graphic studio. we can also buying the materials above. In this time I would like to say Thanks!! for webmaster.

Interior Design with Wooden Art Decoration

Sometimes, we confused in configuring interior design, how to fill our room? with electronic goods or with handicraft? or maybe we just emptying the room to make the room more wide. In this case, we would like to design interior design with placing handicraft goods. People whom have high taste and desire in wooden art would place several wooden art decoration in their corner of the bar. Several wooden handicraft or traditional chairs with big wooden bench. Small cabinet in the corner of the room are placed to put the ceramics or other small rag doll or wooden doll. The picture was adopted from

Javanese Tropic House Design

There are so many choice to design comfort and delightful house, after designing the house, we can adding suitable decoration in around the house and the details of the room, to create tropic impressive house, don't be afraid to try to planting several ivy flower above the roof. We can also put in order small stones to form small footpath. We can also create and forming the wall by sticking the split stones.
In above picture, we had adopted from, the design describe traditional and comfort house in tropical area. The location is in Markus Winarto's house in Jogja.

Planning The Tropical House

People whom want to planning to build tropical house must consider several conditions, first, they should provide grasses and trees around the house. Second, they should provide suitable material colors, such as brown to match with wood color. They wanted an interesting house and liked the idea of using different materials and bold colours. A big garage / workshop was a must and a concrete driveway to get the boat in and out.

They were outdoor people who hated the idea of living in an air-conditioned box. They wanted to especially take advantage of the rainforest views and bird life that comes with the vegetation.

Elegant Dinning Room

Everyone want to create their room as good as possible, to create an elegant dinning room, we can design the room with several component that will improve price and the taste of the room, first, choose the material of the table. Round table or ellipse table will beautify the room, the suitable floor models, such as wooden floor to combine with the table will make the room more beautiful and comfortable. Furthermore, the right chairs such as European style metal chair will make the room more elegant. Second, choose the right place of the dinning room, place the dinning room near the kitchen, because we can reduce the meal steel warm at the time it provided. Third, choose the right decoration around the room, such as painting, ceramics, handicraft.
The picture was taken from gallery. With this design, we can describe and choose an elegant Dinning room.

Cafe Design, Wooden Room, Simple Lightning

Designing cafe with wooden chair and table will make more comfortable for eating. We can use simple lightning to create romantic situations, we can also completing the room with live music room for celebrate special ceremony like birthday party or other small ceremony. We can use hall and long room with small table and 2 chairs each table. All of the decorations are made from wooden furniture, the floor are suited with other furniture, the wood floor.


Large Balcony, The Luxury Hotel Bedroom Design

Balcony are common used for looking around our house from above, so we can monitoring our children activities, for who want building large house with two floors, we can consider to build balcony, in front of our house or behind our house above swimming pool. From the balcony, we can look our swimming pool from our bedroom.
The balcony are seldom built because not all house design was completed with swimming pool. The balcony can be decorated with several flower and chairs. The design was taken from

Reception Room

The design for receptionist room are very important because, the suitable design will make hotels feel more comfort for guess to stay longer and they will continue in the same hotel on next journey in the same city. This design are taken from Bass Hotel Group, Windsor. The floor are made from wood, with suitable color of the chairs to matching with the floor.

Large Kitchen Design for Restaurant or Hotels

Kitchen are special room for cooking, the room has completed with several goods like stove, wash basin, and cooking tools places, the room also must completed by tables for food and other things. On the above room, it will make comfortable by placing smoke blower to make room not so hot.
This design was taken from, used for inspiration for building large kitchen for hotel and restaurant. The suitable color like bright color will reduce electrician consumption.

Special Dinning Room With Live Picture

Designing the dinning room are very simple, the room doesn't have special design, the room has only need suitable dinning table with several chairs, the number of chairs are based of family number, we don't need big table with 30 chair, if we have only 3 people in our house, while we seldom invite other people.
If we want to design dinning room with large place specialized for big family or common room, we can choose the room near window and kitchen. Why, because we will feel more comfortable when have meal while looking around our out side of our house and sufficient light. We also consider to choose the room near the kitchen, because we will work more faster to carry the warm food from the kitchen.
The design was taken from, used for considering to build large dinning room with live picture and near the kitchen.

Living Room Based on Future Design

Living Room Based on Future Design
Everyone who want to build large home sometime will confused about the design for their living room, if we had fault in designing, the room will not optimized well. To optimized we need to use several things we consider. First, how many room we want to build, two, what common material are used for building, and third, what model are we want to build.
This design are used to consider for who want to build large living room. The design are based on future design, with wood color floor, and decorated with sofa, the room also suitable for entertainment room by completing the room with home theater or television or other live music peripheral.
Not only for living room, the design also suitable for hall hotel room, the guesses will more feel comfortable with live music or watching film room.
The design was taken from, with future design, if we want to change the design with Chinese design, we just change the color with red and gold color, and by completing the room with Chinese lamp, Chinese ceramics and furniture.

Large Atrium Design for future design

this large atrium design based on future design, the color and the design are very suitable for hall room, hotel.
the design was taken from

Large Foyer Based Japanese Design

Design for Foyer is popular in Japan. The design is suitable for whom want to design their frontal room based on Japanese design. The most material are made from wood, that will make the room more comfortable. the door are designed from Japanese traditional door. The wall are decorated by painting of Japanese girl with traditional dress. On the wall side, there are hat or rain coat hanger for our guess.
The design was taken from, the design will more comfortable if it completed with suitable lamp.

Waverley Cream Kitchen.

Waverley Cream brings together innovative design with the timeless appeal of a smooth painted cream finish. The soft cream colouring contrasts wonderfully with the contemporary natural oak finish, allowing for greater individuality of kitchen design.

Klinger Lumber Kithen design

Klinger Lumber has all the tools to help you design the kitchen of your dreams. Our knowledgeable kitchen designer will use software to help you visualize your dreams before you buy it.