Natural Bathroom Design

This natural bathroom design used honed natural stone, the light fixtures that resemble votive candles and the brushed-nickel cabinetry handles—that really spice up the space. “To warm the room with color, we can used hose a terracotta paint hue and deep earth-toned tiles for the walls.
It’s a calm and soothing backdrop for the new remote-controlled steam shower with a rain-shower head, that can be pre-programmed with a number of shower experiences.
Before Carolyn Thomas designed this powder room, she perused the rest of her clients’ Silver Spring home to get a sense of their style. “I think a powder room should flow in design from other entertaining spaces because everyone who comes to visit will see it,” she says.

Although it’s not overly formal, Thomas admits that the finished space has a formal, classical feel. The elegant cherry vanity, with a Louis Philippe arched front, holds a handmade etched glass bowl; the framed mirror purposefully appears as if it is attached. “I wanted it to look like one piece of furniture, like something you would see in an old Victorian home,” she says. To complete the design, Thomas chose pewter hardware, a granite countertop and sage green for the walls.

VertiSpa Shower System from American Standard

Some one who wants to take a bath with comfort shower can choose this design, this VertiSpa Shower System Provide an elegant and comfort, completed with a hydro-massage system. We can Connects the existing showerhead or install it with new shower valve, with Five multi-directional body jets including two spray jets plus three spiral jets. The Shower also made from Brushed aluminum and chrome finish complements chrome or satin faucets with Twin slide rails allows easy height adjustment of body jets.

The design are made by A
merican Standard, the world's largest producer of bathroom and kitchen fixtures and fittings. With this company tracing its roots back to the 19th century, many Americans remember growing up with American Standard and Standard logos in their childhood homes. It is estimated that three out of every five bathrooms in the US today includes an American Standard product.
Here are the complete description of this product:
  • Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price: $440.00
  • General Style: Contemporary
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Number of Jets: 5
  • Color / Finish: Available in Silver

Custom Roof Top Stainless Steel Spa

A custom stainless steel spa by Diamond Spas is the perfect balance between hydrotherapy, durability and enhanced comfort. This spa was custom built specifically to fit the allocated space on this Colorado home roof top. All spas are constructed from 316L stainless steel. The number of jets and jet placement can vary depending on client preference.
This design are made by Diamond Spas, Inc. Diamond Spas, Inc understands the language of luxury. Whether you are looking for a contemporary or traditional design, Diamond Spas can produce a custom bath fixture that will take center stage. Diamond Spas' soaking baths, whirlpool baths, air system baths and Japanese baths all contribute to pampering one's inner self. Complete stainless steel and copper bath ensembles can be fabricated to compliment your choice of bath. Shower pans, pedestal, countertop and vessel lavatories all come together harmoniously, creating a modern and inviting bathroom. Let Diamond Spas elevate the level of your bathroom from merely functional to a tranquil haven devoted to beauty and relaxation. Here are the complete description of this Spa:
  • Shape: Freestyle (Also available in Octagonal, Oval, Rectangular, Round, Square)
  • Number of Jets: 10
  • Number of Motors: 1
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Features: Available in LED Light Kit
  • Color / Finish: Metallic
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Luxury Bathroom Design by Sogol Afsharjavan

This Design is an unique bathroom design, with several usual marble and cherry wood material, and decorated by clean lines of stainless steel with the warmth of leather and other various textures, from earth-toned river rocks on the floor to faux-finished walls that blend hues of grey with mustard yellow to coordinate with the accent walls. Afsharjavan Said “It’s got a contemporary European feel with a Zen twist.”
To warm the space even more, she selected authentic oil lamps, one made of stone that sits on a tall wooden vase she converted to a stand; the other, which overlooks the tub, is constructed of stainless steel. Flowers and candles provide the final touch in this spa-like retreat.
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Concrete Countertops Farm Sink

Creating Unique project for room design such as kitchen design from several material like wood and stone is one of J. Aaron, Inc's special working. J. Aaron, Inc. is a custom countertop Manufacturing company, working in concrete, wood, and stone. They work with dealers across the country to produce countertops which are unique to each project. One of the design are creating Concrete Countertops Farm Sink, the sink are made from concrete. Here are the complete description of the design:
  • General Style: Commercial, Contemporary, Country, Traditional
  • Material: Concrete
  • Edge: Available in Beveled, Bullnose, Ogee, Square
  • Features: Available in Undermount Cutout
  • Color / Finish: Polished
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Shaped Bar Top in back-silvered UltraSea Texture

Decorating the room with glass furniture or glass will make the room more lightly, so we can reduce the light electricity.
This custom shaped "NorthSea" bar top (in 3/4" clear, annealed glass) has been back-silvered for a molten, metallic look. A 3/4" plywood substrate supports this exposed-edge surface. Individual component sizes and shapes, up to 6'-6" x 10'-6" may be specified. Many different surface textures and/or color treatments may also be considered to coordinate with style, motif and color palette. Coordinating wall shapes (in 1/4" annealed UltraGlas) have been produced in silvered clear, bronze and gray "UltraSlate" and "UltraCrinkle" textures. Clear-mirrored and limestone shaped components complete the unique wall treatment. UltraGlas Physical Characteristics and Functional Advantages:
  • Minimum of 15-30% recycled glass (cullet) is used
  • Meets or exceeds codes for safety glass
  • May be tempered, bent, insulated and laminated
  • Component sizes/shapes to 6'-6" x 10'-6" (some restrictions)
  • Thicknesses from 5/32" to 3/4" (greater when laminated)
  • Many through-body glass tints may be specified
  • Individual and multiple, unleaded colorations may be permanently fired into the body of the glass, for either opaque or translucent results
  • Decorative finishes
  • Fabricated to accommodate installation hardware
  • Installs like regular glass in all glazing systems
  • Sanitary - non-absorbent and non-abrasive
  • Requires very little maintenance
here are the complete description of this product:
  • Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price: $115.00; Per square foot in 1/2" clear, silvered glass — $155/sq.ft. in 3/4"
  • Model: Many other standard textures, designs and finishes are available
  • Material: Glass, Solid Surface
  • Color / Finish: Metallic (Also available in Beige, Black, Blue, Brown, Custom, and 14 others)
  • Dimensions: 0.75" Thickness x 60" Maximum Diameter x 108" Maximum Length x 60" Maximum Width
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Patina Copper Island Countertop with Integral Copper Sink

Using Copper material for integral sink for kitchen design are one of elegant kitchen design. One of them are created by, manufactures custom metal countertops, integral sinks, and designer components for residential and commercial markets. For today's contemporary lifestyle they offer many options to enhance your kitchen work space or doing a kitchen remodeling, including custom stainless steel countertops with integral sinks; brass, copper, and embossed metal countertops; custom sinks, custom cabinetry, back splashes, wall shelves, wall panels, and other specialty items. Integrating the latest state-of-the-art technologies, their product engineers will review your design drawings and specifications. Here are complete description of this Copper Sink:
  • Style: Traditional (Also available in Commercial, Contemporary)
  • Material: Copper (Also available in Brass, Stainless Steel, Steel)
  • Features: Integral Sink, Wood Substraight (Also available in Backsplash, Embossed, Undermount Cutout)
  • Dimensions: 101.5" L x 55.5" W x 1.5" Thickness

Wolf 30-inch Built-In Double Oven for Your Kitchen

Designing a kitchen or doing a kitchen remodeling will more looks like elegant with sufficient decoration and cooking tools or machine, one of the cooking tools is oven, large and sufficient fan and heating elements will make our oven more complete to cooking in much cooking mode.
One of the oven design are made by Wolf Appliance Company, Wolf Appliance Company has over 70 years of history in commercial kitchens. Now focused on residential use, Wolf is the corporate companion and kitchen soul mate of Sub-Zero. A Wolf built-in oven, cooktop, range or grill is more than just a tool for cooking. It's an invitation to cook.
Here are several feature of the product:
  • Electronic controls hide behind a stainless steel panel. A motor quietly rotates the control panel into position.
  • There are three removable racks and a six-level rack guide. The full extension bottom rack permits easy access and can also act as a shelf, say if you need a place upon which to set a turkey while you baste.
  • Our doors' hydraulic damper and spring system allows for smooth opening and closing.
  • A hidden bake element increases the usable oven space. The ribbon radiant element allows for uniform temperatures across the bottom of the oven.
  • Optional sales accessory: Our Bake Stone is a dedicated heating element and bake stone help you bake pizzas and breads par excellence.
  • A broil element allows you to choose from three separate broiling power settings (high, medium, low). The broiler sears the meat and the convection cooks it thoroughly.
Here are complete description of the product:

  • Model: DO30F (Framed)/DO30U (Unframed)
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Type: Double Oven
  • Heat Type: Convection, Electric
  • Features: Baking Stone, Convection Conversion, Convection Off / On, Self-cleaning
  • Dimensions: 24" D x 50" H x 29.88" W
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Heart Pine - Vertical Grain Solid Wood Flooring

Wood Floor is an amazing and elegant design for our natural sense of the room. One of the several design are made by Southern Wood Floors. Southern Wood Floors makes and sells nationwide all grades of Antique Heart Pine, Heart Pine, Wide Plank and Southern Pine solid wood flooring, and solid pine products for cabinetmaking, walls and stairs. Southern Wood Floors harvests buildings, not trees, to make antique heart pine: the company meticulously mills reclaimed beams and timbers of historic wood from 19th-century -and older- buildings to create a rich, noble wood that can be as much as 200 years old. Not just a renewable resource, Southern Wood Floors antique heart pine is a renewed resource. Heart Pine wood flooring is my favorite design. Here are the complete description of the product:
  • Model: Vertical Grain
  • Style: Traditional
  • Design: Plank
  • Material: Heart Pine
  • Floor Type: Solid Wood
  • Installation: Floating (Also available in Glue-down, Nail-down)
  • Dimensions: 0.75" Thickness x 7.58" W x 72" - 96" L
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MasterChef Oven Collection (Double) from Miele

If you could garner the combined knowledge of all the great chefs of the world into one comprehensive, yet easy-to-use reference tool, then you would have defined the essence of Miele's MasterChef cooking products. High performance true European convection systems that eliminate flavor transfer so several dishes can be prepared on multiple levels simultaneously. Heating temperatures so precise that every cookie, every pastry and every fillet is perfectly done. Unique programs that know exactly how long to sear, then roast at a lower temperature for succulent results.

With so many unique features-like a Favorites setting to store tailored cooking programs consumers can add to the MasterChef menu system, double rotisserie, temperature probe for AutoRoast and 16 other cooking modes-a bigger recipe box will definitely be needed!

The MasterChef Convection Ovens are available in a variety of finishes, including black glass or stainless, and in 30", 70 cm or 60 cm sizes. Precision stainless steel trim kits perfectly match 30" and 70 cm or 60 cm products together. Here are the complete feature of this product:
  • Style: Commercial, Country, Traditional (Also available in Contemporary)
  • Heat Type: Convection, Electric, Infrared Broiler
  • Type: Double Oven (Also available in Single Oven, Warming Drawer)
  • Color / Finish: Stainless Steel (Also available in Black)
  • Features: Convection Off / On, Self-cleaning (Also available in Rotisserie)
  • Dimensions: 23.5" D x 51.5" H x 29.81" W

Uptown Tokyo Black and London Beige Porcelain Tile

Uptown Tokyo Black and London Beige Porcelain Tile are the product of Hastings Tile Collection, a small paving company, it began manufacturing asphalt block for its own projects. Its success in paving has contributed to its claim to numerous famous paving sites, including the White House. They have experienced to handle several project of building paving sites, wall design and floor design. This design are special used for wall, and also for floor. Here are the complete descriptions:
  • Model: Tokyo Black - VIV TOKY 224 (2"x24"), VIV TOKY 424 (4"x24") VIV TOKY 1224 (12"x24"), London Beige VIV LOND 224 (2"x24"), VIV LOND 424 (4"x24") VIV LOND 1224 (12"x24")
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Type: Field (Also available in Molding / Trim)
  • Application: Wall (Also available in Floor)
  • Material: Porcelain
  • Color / Finish: Beige, Brown
  • Dimensions: 24" Field L x 12" Field W x 12" Molding L x 4" Molding W
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Boiserie White BeadBoard Ceramic Tile from Hastings Tile Collection

Boiserie White BeadBoard Ceramic Tile are other ceramic product of Hastings Tile Collection. This ceramic are special design for traditional but elegant room, with the white color, the room will look cleaner and elegant. The most compatible application for this ceramic is for wall design, but we can use this for floor design, this is the complete description for this design:
  • Model: Grazia
  • Style: Traditional
  • Type: Border / Liner, Field, Molding / Trim
  • Application: Wall
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Color / Finish: White

Serie Modern Comfort Mosaic Porcelain Tile

This Mosaic Porcelain Tile are specially designed for creating modern and comfortable room, especially for wall or floor design, all material are made from porcelain. With the compatible color selection, we can build the balmier room atmosphere. This tile is made by Hastings Tile Collection, Hastings traces back to 1885 when, as a small paving company, it began manufacturing asphalt block for its own projects. Its success in paving has contributed to its claim to numerous famous paving sites, including the White House. In 1970, the company began importing high-end bath and tile products from Italy. Today the company has three divisions--tile, paving, and bathroom--and markets itself as the "source for creative solutions"™. Hastings is the exclusive distributor for Hectarus, Ermano Capriotti, and Pulsar and the semi-exclusive distributor for Pietre Romane and Pastorelli Ceramiche. the following descriptions are the complete feature from this tile:
  • Custom Quote: 10" x 16" Milano Style mesh mounted
  • Style: Contemporary, Hip
  • Type: Field, Mosaic (Also available in Molding / Trim)
  • Application: Wall (Also available in Floor)
  • Material: Porcelain
  • Color / Finish: Beige, Brown, Gray, Multicolored
  • Features: Pre-mounted
  • Dimensions: 16" Sheet Size Length x 10" Sheet Size Width
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Cartglass Classic 3/4" Tile from Hakatai

Using Glass Material for our design can make our design looks more brightness, so we can reduce our lighting usage, one of several glass material is glass mosaic tile, this design are made by Hakatai Enterprises. Hakatai Enterprises has been importing and distributing glass mosaic tile since 1997. Their experience assures consistent product availability, quick order turnaround time and immediate responses to inquiries on stock levels, pricing and shipping quotes. Choose from a large variety of glass tile lines, standard mosaic blends and gradients, all suitable for a wide array of glass tile installations. Custom mosaic murals, repeating mosaic patterns, borders and medallions available upon request. Or create, price and order your own custom glass tile blend or gradient with Hakatai's online custom design tools. Here are complete description of this design:
  • Model: Cartglass Classic Smoky Grey Blend
  • General Style: Contemporary, Hip
  • Specific Style: Mid-century Modern, Retro
  • Type: Field, Mosaic (Also available in Border / Liner, Custom, Deco / Insert, Floor Medallion, Mural)
  • Application: Wall (Also available in Floor, Countertop, Pool, Exterior, Backsplash)
  • tile size: 3/4" x 3/4"
  • average thickness: 1/8"
  • average grout joint: 1/16"
  • sq.ft./sheet: 1.15
  • tile/sheet: 225
  • mounting: mesh backed or loose in bags

Malaga Cove Tile - Teak Silk from Stone & Pewter Accents

Special Design for floor will complete our elegant room design, with match color customizations, we create an elegant room. Malaga Cove Marblized Glass Tiles are hand-poured and will have a certain amount of variation and variegation of color, tone, shade and size. Additionally, you will notice creases, wrinkles, shivers, waves, bubbles. Malaga Cove TIles come topped off with a pearlescent surface to catch all forms of light for a brilliant effect or with an elegan silk finish. Either way these natural glass characteristics enhance the final beauty of the installation.
This design are made by Stone & Pewter Accents. Stone & Pewter Accents, Inc. is a manufacturer and supplier of fine Lead-free Pewter accent tiles and borders and Tumbled Slate tiles. From traditional to modern to ethnic designs. We have a choice of hundreds of designs and finishes to match any decor. All pewter tiles are always in stock in Antique Pewter finish and are also available in Antique Nickel, Gun-Metal, Antique Brass, Antique Bronze, Antique Copper and French Country finishes.
here are the complete description:
  • Style: Artisan, Contemporary, Rustic, Traditional
  • Type: Art Tile, Field, Mosaic
  • Application: Wall, Floor, Countertop, Pool, Exterio
  • Material: Glass
  • Color / Finish: Brown, Gold, Iridescent, Off-white, Sandblasted
  • Design: Geometric
  • Dimensions: 1" Mosaic Size x 12" Sheet Size Length x 12" Sheet Size Width x 12" Square Sheet Size x 0.25" W
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An alternative motive for our wall of floor design is using Zydeco. A true original. An amazing blend of exotic lines and patterns combine to bring together form and design. Designed by Terry Kaplan from Terry Tiles, Terry Kaplan, the artist behind Terry Tiles, treats each tile as a piece of art, using unusual color combinations, interesting textures and three dimensional detail to get sophisticated styles. The tiles are hand painted with up to five layers of color; details and multiple coats of glaze are then added before the tile is fired. Her designs are inspired by both the natural and manmade. Terry Tiles began over 10 years ago, starting with major custom projects for decorators, builders and consumers. Terry's art has illuminated kitchens, bathrooms, swimming pools and has been presented in public commissions and commercial installations.
Information of the product:
  • Model: Modern
  • Style: Available in Artisan, Contemporary
  • Type: Available in Border / Liner, Custom, Deco / Insert, Field, Molding / Trim,
  • Application: Available in Wall
  • Material: Available in Ceramic, Clay
  • Features: Available in Hand Painted, Handmade
  • Dimensions: 4" Field L x 4" Field W x 4" Deco L x 4" Deco W x 4" Border L (Also available in 4" Field L x 4" Field W x 4" Deco L x 4" Deco W x 4" Border L x 1" Border W x 8" Molding L x 5" Molding W)

Pinzon Hyde Park Flannel Full/Queen Duvet Cover, Blue Hyde Park

Pinzon Hyde Park Flannel Full/Queen Duvet Cover, Blue Hyde ParkPrice: $24.99
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Pinzon yarn-dyed flannel bedding provides casual comfort year-round. With a flannel weight of 150 grams per square meter, it's warm in cold weather and absorptive in warm weather-great for any season. This duvet cover measures 86 by 86 inches for a full or queen bed, and reverses to solid ivory flannel for versatility. It coordinates with Pinzon solid and yarn-dyed flannel bedding and Pinzon velvet accessories. The duvet is yarn-dyed, which means yarns are dyed then woven to make the fabric. Because it's made of 100 percent cotton, an all-natural fiber, it's both soft and breathable. The duvet features a hidden-button closure for a finished look. Napped on both sides for cozy softness, Pinzon pre-shrunk flannel bedding washes and dries easily in the home machine and is made in Portugal.

Pinzon 150-Gram Printed Flannel Full/Queen Duvet Cover, Hydrangea

Pinzon 150-Gram Printed Flannel Full/Queen Duvet Cover, HydrangeaPrice: $24.99
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Product Features
  • Cozy cotton flannel duvet cover is warm in winter, absorptive in summer
  • Made in Portugal with 150g cotton per square meter; pre-shrunk and machine washable
  • Printed with a choice of 3 patterns: Blue Rose, Hydrangea, and Red Poppy
  • Coordinates with Pinzon flannel or yarn-dyed flannel bedding and velvet accessories
  • Full/Queen duvet measures 86 by 86 inches; hidden button closure
Pinzon's soft, supple 150-gram flannel duvet is just the right weight to provide warmth in cold weather and to be absorptive in warm weather, so you can use it year-round. Expertly made in Portugal with 150 grams of cotton per square meter, the fabric is napped to give it the soft, flannel texture and is pre-shrunk for durability and easy care at home in the washer and dryer. For easy accessorizing, the duvet is printed with a choice of three attractive patterns: Blue Rose, Hydrangea, and Red Poppy. Mix and match the duvet with Pinzon flannel, yarn-dyed flannel, and velvet sheets and accessories for a layered look with an ultra-soft feel. Offered in Twin, Full, Queen, and King sizes, the duvet is finished with a hidden button closure. The Full/Queen duvet measures 86 by 86 inches.

Kitchen remodeling to get larger space

Everyone wants to design their kitchen as large as they want. this design and it's decorations are just a simple, but you can buy it. The main goods for this kitchen are the 48-inch Gas Rangetop with Dual Convection Electric Oven. With this Oven we can cook as we like. The materials are made from stainless steel. This product can we buy from Here are complete description of the product:
  • Model: 48-inch Gas Rangetop with Dual Convection Electric Oven
  • Style: Commercial, Contemporary
  • Oven Design: Convection, Infrared Broiler, One Large Oven / One Small Oven (Also available in Single Oven)
  • Energy: 15,000BTU Heat Output
  • Features: Griddle, Grill (Also available in Continuous Grate, Simmer Plate, Wok Ring)
  • Dimensions: 29.5" D x 36.88" H x 47.88" W (Also available in 29.5" D x 36.88" H x 29.88" W, 29.5" D x 36.88" H x 35.88" W, 29.5" D x 36.88" H x 60.13" W)

Pinzon 160-Gram Solid Flannel Full/Queen Duvet, Light Blue

Pinzon 160-Gram Solid Flannel Full/Queen Duvet, Light BluePrice: $19.99
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Product Features
  • One duvet cover to fit full- or queen-size beds
  • 100 percent cotton flannel with napped finish on both sides for softness; machine washable
  • Flannel weight of 160 grams per square meter; hidden button closure
  • Coordinates with Pinzon flannel or yarn-dyed flannel bedding and velvet accessories; made in Portugal
  • Measures 86 by 86 inches

Traditional Kitchen Design

This Traditional Kitchen Design is design for an elegant but simply simple kitchen, by decorated with aluminum and cast iron material, and also completed with dual fuel gas burner, the sense of luxury will more bright.This design are taken from Here are the complete descriptions:
  • Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price: $9,755.00
  • Heat Type: Dual Fuel (Also available in Electric, Gas)
  • Oven Design: Convection (Also available in Double Oven, One Large Oven / One Small Oven)
  • Rangetop Design: Gas Burner, Pro-style High BTU Output (Also available in Electric Coil, Solid Element)
  • Energy: 200BTU - 18,000BTU Heat Output
  • Features: Continuous Grate, Griddle, Simmer Plate, Warming Drawer, Wok Ring (Also available in Grill, Rotisserie, Ventilation)
  • Dimensions: 24" D x 34" - 37" H x 55" W

Pike Street 135-Gram Printed Flannel Twin Duvet Cover, Peter Penguin

Price: $12.99
Pike Street 135-Gram Printed Flannel Twin Duvet Cover, Peter PenguinClick to buy
Product Features
  • Cozy, twin-sized flannel duvet cover with 135 grams per meter of cotton
  • 100 percent cotton napped on both sides for softness; machine wash and dry
  • Printed with a charming Peter Penguin pattern; wide variety of prints available
  • Matching sheets sold separately; mix with other prints for a layered look
  • Measures 68 by 86 inches
A charming print meets cozy flannel in a duvet that's a great weight for year-round use. Crafted with 135 grams of cotton per square meter and brushed on both sides for softness, this Pinzon duvet cover features a Peter Penguin pattern. Use it on its own or with matching sheets, sold separately. The duvet is available in a wide variety of prints including Blue Bouquet, Rose Bouquet, Lilacs, Penny Penguin, Acorns & Pinecones, Snowflakes, and Winter Wonderland. Mix and match patterns for an interesting, layered look. The twin-sized duvet measures 68 by 86 inches and is easy to care for at home in the washer and dryer.