Uptown Tokyo Black and London Beige Porcelain Tile

Uptown Tokyo Black and London Beige Porcelain Tile are the product of Hastings Tile Collection, a small paving company, it began manufacturing asphalt block for its own projects. Its success in paving has contributed to its claim to numerous famous paving sites, including the White House. They have experienced to handle several project of building paving sites, wall design and floor design. This design are special used for wall, and also for floor. Here are the complete descriptions:
  • Model: Tokyo Black - VIV TOKY 224 (2"x24"), VIV TOKY 424 (4"x24") VIV TOKY 1224 (12"x24"), London Beige VIV LOND 224 (2"x24"), VIV LOND 424 (4"x24") VIV LOND 1224 (12"x24")
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Type: Field (Also available in Molding / Trim)
  • Application: Wall (Also available in Floor)
  • Material: Porcelain
  • Color / Finish: Beige, Brown
  • Dimensions: 24" Field L x 12" Field W x 12" Molding L x 4" Molding W
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