Minimalist Kitchen for Young Couple

Minimalist Kitchen for Young CoupleMinimalist kitchens are especially popular with young couples setting up home together for the first time. Ideal for those that dislike fuss, but appreciate lots of choice and functionality. Whether you prefer a color co-ordinated theme or something more dynamic. You can mix and match this kitchen range to express your own unique style and personality and to get a best home design on best kitchen design for young couple.
Here are some tips that might help spark your own ideas for simplifying your stuff down to a minimalist kitchen:
  • Kitchen towels can double as hotpads. Just fold them up very well.
  • Turn a glass upside down and use it to cut biscuits and round cookies.
  • Nobody needs a cake tester. A fork, toothpick, or a bit of raw spaghetti will each work just as well.
  • In a pinch a bottle works as a rolling pin. It needs to be about the shape of an old glass soda bottle, so something like a bottle of ketchup, a bottle of worcestershire sauce or soy sauce will work. If you fill it up with ice water and put the lid on tightly you have a great rolling pin for keeping your pie crust flaky.
  • While I vastly prefer a pastry cutter, you can cut butter into flour as for biscuits or pie crust by using two knives. I never owned a pastry cutter until I was nearly 30, and I made a lot of pies and biscuits in that timeframe. What works even better is your clean fingers. Wash your hands well, slice the butter into the flour and pick up a palmfull at a time and gently rub your hands together until all the flour and fat are mixed together.
  • If you are crushed for space and/or funds, you don't have to have a spray bottle of oil such as PAM. You can spread oil on your baking sheets the old fashioned way, with your hands, or the other old fashioned way, with your children's hands. They will love it.
  • A colander is really, really handy, but this is another tool I lived without for years. You can get by with a little coordination and a cooking pan with a lid. You just carefully hold the lid cracked a wee bit and tilt your pan to pour the liquid out (using your towel for a hot-pad, of course). It's a good idea to pour the liquid into a bowl inthe sink rather than directly into the sink, so that if you drop your pan the pasta won't go in the sink. If you have a steamer basket you can have that double as a colander- put it inside a bowl or pan and ladle the food from pan to steamer basket. Or- get a colander but make sure it's on that can also double as a steamer.
  • A vegetable peeler can be used in place of a cheese slicer.
  • A giant mixing bowl is a very nice thing for a large family to have, but you can also use a large, clean bucket.
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Chinese Dinning Room Designing for Chinese New Year Celebrations

Decorating a dinning room for next Chinese New Year are similar with former celebration on last year, it doesn't different in much, the important thing is the color of table set and other decorations. By dominated with red and gold color, Red is a prominent color in this Asian style interior design, perhaps because it means good luck in Chinese culture. Other bright colors such as yellow and green are used as accents as well. Colorful paper lanterns are often made in very vibrant colors. Wood tones tend to be dark and rich in color.

Elle Decor's Dining By Design, Produced by DIFFA

Villa Concepts Home Design

Villa DesignDesigning your home like a villa?, its not difficult, the important thing is we don't need large yard to build our home, and another important thing is the power of the building. We can creating outdoor upstairs to get more privacy and to split each floor, so if the person who want to stay more than one family, they can choose different floor but they didn't disturb each other. The picture are created by Claudio Matei with Autocad, 3D Studio Max, V-Ray software, see more information about this picture in

Caprio Cherry Kitchen, Your Minimalist Kitchen

Caprio Cherry Kitchen, Your Minimalist Kitchen

There are several ways to make your room such as kitchen looks more large, by using minimalist design we can make our small room but efficient enough. The important thing is the size of the cabinet and other furniture, use small size chairs and table. The contrast color between floor and furniture also can make our room looks more large. Here is the description of Caprio Cherry Kitchen from

Caprio conveys the meaning of modern minimalism with a simple slab design and dramatic colouring. The beautiful cherry veneer embraces a sleek, sophisticated kitchen design and contrasts well with the coolness of stainless steel and granite. A selection od screen glazed doors, including a 195 mm option, make a confident statement in this kitchen

Verso Scala Cherry Kitchen Design

Verso Scala Cherry Kitchen DesignWarm kitchen can be reached by using large size of the kitchen design, and also maximize the natural lighting by creating large window, so the outdoor light can enter to the kitchen more.
Verso Scala Cherry optimizes the timeless characteristics of traditional furniture and the changing needs of today’s modern lifestyles. The warm PVC Cherry front achieves an authentic country feel whilst retaining a hard wearing resilience. A generous array of accessory components and features incorporating open frame units and an imposing over mantle complete this rustic design. Use the bright color for the wall and the wall, to match with the cabinet and other kitchen furniture. Visit to see more information or to order it.

Best Bathroom Design, an Awarded Gazebo Bathroom

Best Bathroom Design, an Awarded Gazebo Bathroom

This picture is one of several best bathroom designs that had several award, and had been published in several magazine. I thing this is the best bathroom completed with gazebo and special wall design.
Here are the descriptions:
Awards: Honorable Mention- 1994 National Kitchen & Bathroom Association Design Competition
1994 - Builder/Architect Magazine

1996 - Colonial Homes Magazine
1996 - Oklahoma City Real Estate Magazine


More Gazebo Design:

Considering Your Kitchen Color Design

Similar Color

The most important thing in choosing the right color of your kitchen is the color of your cabinet and other equipment in the kitchen, The flooring you choose will set the tone for the whole kitchen. The style, texture and color adopted for the floor are key in achieving your desired look. Your kitchen floor can be used to compliment and finish the look of the whole room.

Contrast Color

There are two choices about combining the color between both, First, we can use the contrast color, and the last, we can use the similar and match color between them.

Source: and

Aletta Cherry, combining elegance and simplicity

Aletta Cherry
How to combine the elegance and simplicity in kitchen design? Timeless design and intelligent use of space are the main features within this streamlined, modern kitchen. Combining elegance with simplicity, the purposefully aesthetic design of this laminate door does not compromise on quality. Instead, it demonstrates a unique blend of soft clean lines and perfected manufacturing techniques, to offer you the latest fashion in modern-day kitchen styling.


Tips for Designing Kitchen Interior

Kitchen Interior
When you are changing the interior design of the kitchen you may be able to make your kitchen look bigger or smaller all based on the type of paint you use. For example, if you want to expand your space then use a paint with cool, light colors. Even dull colors with very minimal contrast can make the kitchen feel a bit bigger.

If you want to make the space seem smaller then you want to use warm dark colors or even bright colors. To make a ceiling seem lower use warm colors and dark tones and the opposite for heightening a ceiling use cool colors and light tints. Shortening a room, use dark colors, lengthening a room is cool, light colors and to hide a spot that you don?t like use the surrounding color already there.

Changing the floor can be very important to the look of the room. You may want tile or stone or even wood flooring. Countertops should match the color scheme of the kitchen and lighting is an important part as well. Even using new hardware can add a new scheme to the kitchen. You don?t have to tear your kitchen apart to get a new look, a fresh coat of paint, new hardware and new appliances and whole new look.
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Another Small Elegant Bathroom Design

For Purple color lover, just change the color of bathroom design to purple, so, it's look more elegant

Small Elegant Bathroom Design

Elegant Bathroom DesignAn elegant bathroom is not always large and complete, use small bathtub and small closet also can make our bathroom looks like an elegant bathroom, use special material for the wall and the floor, this design use small pieces of ceramic to make the wall so detail built.
Use match color between bathtub, closet and other decorations. The picture is taken from, created by Claudiu Matei. Visit to get more informations.

Uplift the Body and Soul with Bathroom Design Ideas

Bathroom space planning is part of the usual interior design services carried out by Red Square. In addition to providing functional bathroom design ideas, Red Square uses natural light and discreet features to instill a calming ambience, making this a very special place in which to relax.

Materials, such as marble, stone and tiles are selected to give bathrooms a whole new appearance. The installation of additional features such as under-floor heating makes the bathroom experience much more pleasurable and Red Square's interior designers show how glass, mirrors and the latest contemporary fixtures and fittings can transform this area of the home into something really special.

Adopted from:, visit and buy it there!

There a little person who want to design their kitchen with red color. Naturally, red Square utilises its expertise in interior design and interior architecture to create stylish bespoke kitchens that cater for a wide range of tastes.

Whether somebody want their new kitchen to incorporate an elegant dining area, or a zone for media, TV, or cosy seating, Red Square has the knowledge and experience to develop innovative designs that suit complex lifestyle requirements.

It is unusual, nowadays, for the kitchen to be used solely for cooking and eating. Busy cooks often want to be able to keep an eye on children, help with homework or socialise with guests while preparing food.

Red Square interior designers spend time understanding how someone expect to use their new kitchen space. The interior design brief is vital, as it enables clients to discuss their kitchen design ideas with Red Square interior designers and interior architects. Each Red Square kitchen design is created to suit individual personal needs and style preferences and no two interior design solutions are the same.

This design are adopted from, You can order this design there.

Favorite Kitchen

Favorite Kitchen 1
How about this designs, yeah, these are kitchen designs, adopted from, the pictures were created by Claudiu Matei, These design are kitchen designs, imagine this design is your real kitchen, you can feel more comfort with large and clean kitchen room, the floor, wall and roof are used similar color and material, so they are matched. These are several small dinning table set with small round table, there are a sofa set to use waiting the food ready, so, happy imagining!

favorite kitchen 2

Back to Nature with Traditional Room Design

traditional room designHow about this design, Firstly I saw this picture, I want to say, why don't we create an antique interior design with natural sense?, maybe, with this picture you can imagine to create this one for your house or uour office, or maybe for your costumer.
This picture was adopted from, there are a lot of another design with similar theme. So, let's reduce global warming by designing room with back to nature.

Big Family Dinning Room

Dinning room, is an important room today, the most important thing to design dinning room is the number or the chair and the size of the table, luxury or simplify? is not the main problem, just use simplify design for a big family dinning room, locate the dinning table near with kitchen, so the food is still warm when it is ready to eat.

Sliding Glass Door, Adopted from Japanese Traditional Door Design

Designing sliding door for our house or office is one of the choice for who loved traditional sense door, especially Japanese door design, adopted from those design, we can use more strength material but not weight enough, so we can choose resistant aluminum. With this material, we can make clean design and incredible performance. I said that strength is important, other reason is with this sliding door, we can design door with simplified installation that does not require numerous trims, clips and accessories. So we can reduce significant cost savings from the simple frame assembly, minimum number of parts and a single row of fasteners.
Sliding door works well in both new construction and retrofit applications, so, don't be afraid to use this design.
One of several manufacturer of aluminum sliding door is CGI Window & Doors with their product Series 560 Sliding Glass Door, CGI has a strong reputation for offering architectural-grade impact windows and doors with unique features and high-quality construction that exceed industry standards. CGI products have been specified and installed in some of the most prestigious residential and commercial projects in South Florida, including Fisher Island and the Palm Beach Breakers. Established in 1992, the company was the first impact window and door manufacturer to offer PVB laminated glass designed exclusively to meet the Miami-Dade County impact-resistant protocols.

Warm colors, the new trend color of 2008

The green home design was the big trend in 2007,with too cool minimalism green color, but now in 2008, we can see and wait, there are several new color trend for home design, warm color.
Here's what a sample of interior designers and industry insiders say you should be shopping for:
  • Beware of pseudo green
Manhattan-based interior designer Claire McGovern of McGovern Design House said green design could be the most important design change of 2008, as long as it's done right and not to fit a trend. "Most start-up design companies are acknowledging the need, and most educated customers are asking about the green qualifications of a furniture piece," she said
  • Color, texture, layers
Minimalist white and beige are being pushed out in favor of color, textures and layers. There is a move toward warmer colors and away from the shininess and flatness of interiors over the last few years.
  • Mix it up
There is a big move away from "themed" rooms, in which everything must comply with an overall motif, such as country kitchen or a maritime-themed bedroom, so, people can be traditional but we are going to see more mixes.
Which trends do you like, you can considering with this., by ASSOCIATED PRESS

Ugly can be fixed

Buying a house that needs work, then fixing it up yourself can help turn a nightmare into a dream.
A can of paint can be your best friend when you buy your first home, as Nadia Abuseif and Brad Hughes discovered after moving into a modest 1920s house last month.

They're glad they listened when their real estate agent kept telling them, "Ugly can be fixed."

They bought near St. Clair Ave. and Dufferin St. – a six-room home with a basement apartment for Abuseif's mother.

Hughes, a research analyst with IDC Canada, and Abuseif, an IT guru for TD Bank, met agent Wally Brazy at an open house. With his guidance, it took only three weeks to buy a house.

Improve Hidden Space at Your House with Attic

Attic and the room under the upstairs are seldom to exploited to be favorite room, so, why don't we use them to expanding the room functions.
Improve Hidden Space at Your House with Attic
With land costs and provincial policies resulting in ever-shrinking building lots, builders and homeowners are being forced to transform redundant areas of homes into usable living space. The popular open-concept floor plan effectively eliminated hallways and foyers that consumed viable living space. And of course the previously maligned basement is now an integral part of a home.
Improve Hidden Space at Your House with Attic
So how about all the crawlspace in the roof, traditionally known as the attic? Although older homes continue to have their attics retrofitted, newer homes pose challenges the industry may need to address.
When converting your attic into living space, it's important to be realistic about its dimensions. Although it wouldn't take much to create that stunning his-and-hers walk-in closet above the master bedroom, it'll be a little more challenging, if not impossible, to create a billiards room.

Minimalist Bath Room

For small home owner, just don't worry, by designing minimalist rooms we can improve our room functions, such as, locate the shower room near the closet, or use minimalist bathroom accessories.
To improve the room large sense, use more lighting with natural lighting. Use clear roof material likes glass or fiber, so we can maximize the room lighting. Use small closet and small shower room.

Founding Your Perfect Home

What images should I look for?
As a rule most people select images that mean something to them. Some of the more popular images today include sepia photographs, Tuscan landscapes, large flowers, Muskoka scenes, wildlife prints, and abstracts. The common thread that ties all of these varied subjects together is the colours the artists have used in their palettes.

"In the past two years we have discovered that a majority of people are selecting art to go with their décor," says Deena Pantelidis-Kowalski of Select Art Galleries. "Today's trends dictate a minimalist look in art as well as framing, whatever the choice of subject."

Photography, especially black and white, is also growing in popularity among art enthusiasts and decorators alike. Original photography at affordable prices can be found on websites such as Shoppers can choose from more than 100 original prints from locales including Paris, Prague, and New York and frame the image right on the site. Each city comes as a series, so finding six or seven prints to fill an entire wall is a piece of cake.


Natural Swimming Pool

Bring the natural sense to your house!, by creating this natural swimming pool, you can fell more fun and comfortable to have swimming like in natural lake, with natural stone around the swimming pool, and several trees around the pool, we wouldn't feel the effect of global warming!
This design are made by

Natural Water Fall in Your Home

If we bored with common swimming pool or other water based decorations, we can try to build this "natural" water fall, use natural stone and don't forget to plant other tropical trees around the waterfall, I warranty, you will never feel bored again to stay at your house. The picture was taken from, so, you can contact to order this and enjoy your natural water fall in your home!

Blue Hot Tub on Vacations

It's not too difficult to bring your hot tub in your vacations, can you imagine how much fun your next vacation would be if you can carry your hot tub to the place? Go out on a nature trip and install the hot tub near the falls. You’ll surely experience a different level of warm water bathing that way!, It's like bring our best bathroom on our vacations.
Most portable hot tubs are made of soft polypropylene foam. This is what makes the device light and easy to bring along. On the average, portable hot tubs weigh less than 200Lbs. Some tubs are equipped with a power pack that can store energy enough to run the motor and produce the necessary heat. This is the type that can be used outdoors.

You can do a lot of things with a portable hot tub. You can bring it in any location any time, all the time. And it does not matter what the climate there is. Most portable hot tubs can be used outdoor on a sub-zero temperature, if you so desire. Just make sure you have charged the battery long enough to generate heat amidst the freezing temperature outside.
This product are provided by

Unique Surface Effects from Staron Tempest

Choosing suitable material for our building design (floor and wall) should considering several things, just for an opinion, we can use a low-emitting interior building materials, furnishings and finish systems. One of several those material provider is Staron® Tempest by Samsung. Staron® Tempest by Samsung is a high-performance acrylic surfacing material with an incredible array of benefits. Most obvious is the impressive color range.
"In several of the new color choices, the addition of reflective chips creates an appearance consistent with metallic elements and minerals often found in nature. The result is a depth and saturation of color that is an industry first in acrylic solid surface countertops for residential and commercial projects

Staron® Tempest is available to fabricators from distributors in 1/2" (12.3 mm) thick sheets are 145" (3680 mm) x 30" (760 mm).
visit to get more informations.

Mirror Unique Glass Material for Your Wall Design

For its specialty Mirror Unique glass, Jockimo combines an old technique for antiquing mirrors with a back-painting process that gives the product a “bump of color,” company president Tim Czechowski says.

Available in 20 standard colors, including ones that imitate granite and marble, the glass is produced and painted by hand. It is also available in customized colors and fabrications. The glass can be laminated, tempered, leaded, or insulated.

The mirrors have many applications, says Czechowski, but some of the most popular uses have been for backsplashes and entry walls. One customer in Dallas used large panels of copper-colored glass behind a bar. Laminated for safety, the glass also featured air bubbles. Another customer in New York City used different-colored mirrors to create a collage effect on a wall. Jockimo. 949.251.1560.

Solar Homes Design

Located in downtown Tucson, Armory Park del Sol finds its architectural inspiration in the surrounding nationally designated historic neighborhood of Armory Park.

The gracious porches, dramatic arches and contrasting details found in our state-of-the-art masonry homes mirror the lovely historic homes nearby. With several models from which to choose and customized detailing, each home has a distinct personality. This design are taken from. source:

Architectural Design

"Designing a new home, or significantly changing an existing home, is a process of discovery. Like explorers, architects and their clients work together to discover a new place. And even though, as professional architects, we have designed many new homes and additions for a great variety of owners and sites and budgets, each time we start, it feels as if we are charting a new course, seeking a new place, one that neither we nor our clients have seen before.

It is a somewhat paradoxical process, for when we 'arrive' -- the project successfully done, the residents settled in -- the owners often feel that the new place is familiar, a place they already know. 'Yes,'they say, 'this is what we had in mind'... "

excerpt from Patterns of Home
by Max Jacobson, Murray Silverstein, Barbara Winslow

Large Size Interior Design with Blue Modern Home Decorations

Large Size Interior Design with Blue Modern Home DecorationsThis is a beautiful large modern home decoration with blue color, the sofa,. table are used similar blue color. Creating and designing large room for office or personal home should considering much thing first. the function of the room, the color of floor and wall, decorations, furniture and other things. If we designing large room for office purpose, we can put several small room, for private worker room, but use large space for common people room such as waiting room, or front desk room. Choose match color both floor and wall, furniture and other decorations, table and chairs.
For lighting design, use sufficient lighting, if we want to reduce the lighting, we can configure the room with natural lighting by using large windows, and doors, or use glass roof. One of special designer of this design is RS&H, whose tradition began in 1941, is a facilities and infrastructure consulting firm whose client-centered program structure provides value-added solutions to clients around the world. Offices are located in ten Florida cities, as well as Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, Utah and Virginia. RS&H’s market sector programs include Aerospace and Defense; Aviation; Commercial; Institutional; Public Infrastructure; and Transportation. Construction Engineering Inspection services are provided through its subsidiary, RS&H CS.
The picture are taken from

Tumble Bathroom from Mundelein Design Centre

What an amazing design this!, This expansive and elegant traditional bath vignette featuring tumbled marble finishes highlights the numerous details that are now available in natural stone.
This beautiful bathroom features a honed marble slab counter and tumbled tile backsplash, a mirror framed with a vast array of decorative stone trims, borders, chair rails and mosaics. The variations of size and finishes of the same material playing solid slabs against smaller decorative elements create a visual interest and design inspiration. This design are taken from Mundelein Design Centre

Liquid Soap Dispenser from Zenith Bathstyles

Liquid Soap Dispenser from Zenith BathstylesPrice: $15.99
Click to buy
One of important things in the bath room is soap, sometime we forget to bring the soup to the bath room, with this Soap Dispenser, we can reduce this mistake. The other side, we can also put the shampoo and conditioner in this dispenser, don't worry, there are 3 bottles for shampoo, conditioner and soap. Here are the features:
  • Eliminates clumsy soap and shampoo bottles
  • top storage shelf
  • Handy mirror
  • mounts securely
Product Description
White Plastic Liquid Soap Dispenser with mirror. 3 bottles will hold shampoo, conditioner and liquid soap. Mounts securely with pre-attached adhesive strips or optional screw mount (included). Visit to order, they will ship into your house.

Pink Ceramic Tissue Holder

Price: $34.99
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An attractive color such as pink for decoration or other accessories can make the room looks like more attractive too. So, we can put any bathroom decoration such as tissue holder with pink color like this product. Here are some feature of this Tommy Hilfiger Tissue Holder:
  • One tissue holder from Tommy Hilfiger
  • Ceramic with a silver band; imported
  • Features pink, white, and blue; Ithaca stripe accents
  • Great accent for bathroom or bedroom
  • Coordinates with the Westport Bath Collection
Product Description
This ceramic tissue holder from Tommy Hilfiger is a great accent for bedroom or bath. Made to coordinate with the Westport Bath Collection, the tissue holder can stand on its own in most any décor and in any room in the house. The pink, blue, and white holder features a silver band and traditional Ithica stripe accents. So, just visit to buy this!

Glass Bathroom Design

Glass is an antique material made of sand burnt and compressed through a man made process. It is hard to tell where nature ends and man’s creativity begins. Yet, there is no need to be consumed by this. The water effect of this vignette is brought to life through a careful combination of color in this scene of green and blue mosaic glass tile arrangement. The sense of art and elegant are blend in both colors.

Like a gentle waterfall, the momentum is emptied into the elaborate sink where the water stands frozen in time and the contours of its escape captured like cold lava. The semi frosty glass sink tells the final story of nature’s gentle gyration as in journey’s end. This design are provided by Elk Grove Village Design Centre, taken from

Steeltek Acorn Soap/Lotion Pump

Steeltek Acorn Soap/Lotion PumpPrice: $14.99
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Decorating our bathroom with antique accessories or some innovative useful decoration will make our bathroom more beautiful. We can use some Lotion Pump such as Steeltek Acorn's Soap Pump. This pump is used for soap or any lotion for taking a bath, here are the product features:
  • Functional in use, innovative in design
  • This item is part of a full collection
  • Made of Resin
  • Hammered Design
  • Made in India
Product Description
The Sitlax Acron Soap/Lotion Pump has a hammered finish for a textured look. This durable, well designed container is part of a full bathroom collection, so you can add the items you need as you need them. This container is made from heavy metal, with a silver plated rim and plastic pump, so it will stand the test of time and lots of use. Plus, it is attractive to look at, making it perfect for the master bath or guest bath. Only from Sitlax.

Palmolive lobby Design

Though the original Palmolive lobby was obliterated during a ‘60's renovation, Booth Hansen restored its glory as an entry point for the new Palmolive Building Landmark Residences. Standout details include walnut paneling, marble casework and floors, nickel and glass doors, a fireplace lounge and historic elevator carvings by Enrique Alferez. This design also suitable for medium hotel lobby or tropic design by using wooden floor design.
This picture describing some public space of the museum, we can using wooden floor design and for the roof, an information panel is located in the side of the room by using a touch screen computer for searching the information of the museum. The glasses are used for covering people in order to avoid accident, caused by fall out from the room. By using this glasses, the original design will still remain.
this picture are taken from

Resident room of Palmolive

Palmolive residences range from a one-bedroom pied-a-terre to a duplex penthouse, all featuring double-walnut doors, white oak flooring, profiled ceiling trim, brushed nickel door hardware and marble fireplaces. The color of the floor and the chairs are matching. With special wall design can make the room more comfortable.

Natural Lighting by Opened Roof

Do you have any problem with lighting?, or if your room need much lighting, you can using this roof design, The formerly open-air Patio del Cuchiflete was enclosed with a canopy, designed as an over-arching ellipsoid with curved I-beams and iron joints supported by conical V-shaped columns. If the sky is blue, so our room will automatically change to blue, if the sky is pink, so our room is changing automatically change to sweet pink.
this roof design not only suitable for past design, but also suitable for future design. The most suitable application of this roof is for Persian or tropic home design.
The picture is taken by Carlos Somonte/Jaime Navarro, and the image was taken from

Your Past and Future Design

In 1766, architect Don Lorenzo Rodriguez added the Mexican Baroque edifice to the former Hospital of Convalescents of Our Lady of Bethlehem and St. Francis Xavier, which opened in 1675. Based on this image, we can imagine and considering to build special design based on past and old building. With several big stanchion and Persian style roof with a relief of leave or tree.
This design are suitable for personal large house or medium size building. Using this design we will not need more lighting because we can directly seeing the sky in the middle of the house.
To change the sense of elegant, we can using another floor design, such as ceramic or other material.
this picture are taken by Carlos Somonte/Jaime Navarro, this image are taken from

Country Style Natural & White Finish Dining Chair House Bench

Country Style Natural & White Finish Dining Chair House BenchClick to buy

Product Features
  • Country Style Natural & White Dining Chair House Bench
  • Dining and Kitchen
  • 1-2 Days for processing, and ships within 6 day(s) via Ground Shipping.
  • Dining and Kitchen - Seating - Windsor Chairs
  • Visiondecor->Dining and Kitchen->Seating->Windsor Chairs

Sale: $81.14

The Maryland interior design firm is an award winning and published firm providing residential interior design services for the Baltimore, Washington DC, and Virginia areas. They usually design for interior or exterior room such as for residental interior, corporate interior, hospitality interior and other interior design, some of their product had been published in several magazine such as Baltimore Magazine, Home by Design Magazine. Not only had been published, but they also have several award from magazines and television, such as in2005: listed among National Register's Who's Who in executives and professionals, in 1993: “1st Place” award for New York Times Magazine’s national design competition, and many more.

TV Tray Set - Natural by Furio

Price: $36.79
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Product Description

Casual dinners and parties are easier with this Furio(tm) TV tray table set. Set of 4 solid wood trays come with matching storage stand. Imported. 26.5Hx19.25Wx14.5D".

Product Features
  • Solid, natural wood
  • Coordinates with other Furio collection kitchen accessories
  • 4 trays and storage stand
  • Solid wood with natural finish
  • 26.5Hx19.25Wx14.5D"
These TV trays really are a great, great buy. They are extrememly high quality, heavy, real wood items. They look really awesome and have a wonderful smooth finish. The neutral colouring means they will look good in almost any kitchen or living room. The trays themselves come already assembled and the hanging rack took only five minutes to put together.

This furniture can be placed in any room such as kitchen room or in outdoor room for casual dinner or parties. Just visit to see more information or to buy it.

Hospitality Interior Design

This is a hospitality room design, this design can be applied for hospital design or for personal design, use one dominant color such as, brown to make the room more comfort, This design is made by I. Michael Interior Design, LLC, an award winning full service interior design firm based in the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. area. Established in 1982, the firm has completed a wide variety of projects including contemporary corporate offices, sophisticated boutique hotels, restaurants, gracious high-rise residential living, and personalized private residences.

So, it's not to hard looking around an unique room design for our room, we can use this design with sense of elegant. Visit to order or seeing another design.

A Unique Multimedia Room Design

To create a special room for multimedia or gaming, browsing and other purpose is not difficult, we can place several personal computer or laptop to doing several multimedia or networking jobs. We can also improve our lighting, so the room will make more lighter and we can reduce the electricity.

takagi tankless water heater

Hot water is not only needed for cooking, but now we usually used them for taking a bath, so, From bathrooms to kitchens, the latest trends in home design all add up to one thing: A growing demand for hot water throughout the home. And with an average soaker tub holding 70 gallons of water, today's homes need more than an old-fashioned 50-gallon tank of hot water to keep up. They need the consistent, never-ending supply of hot water you can get from a tankless hot water heater, one of these problem can be solved by Takagi. Here are several features of takagi tankless water heater:
  • Endless hot water

  • space saving & easy installation

  • money & energy savings

  • high quality

  • environmentally friendly

  • many applications

Product description:

Capacity: 1 to 2 bathrooms
Flow Rate: 0.75 to 5.8 gpm
Temperature Range: 99F to 182F
Gas Inputs: 19,500-140,000 Btu per hour (NG)
Dimensions (inches): 20H X 14W X 6D
Weight: 30lb.

No more problems, just use this!,

OFULO Bathtub from at-house

Japanese style bathtub

This model is fitted perfectly in your bathroom. The length and the width are the same as standard American bathtub, however; the depth is the same as Japanese bathtub. So this bathtub is very suitable not only for Asian but for all people in the world. We can used other japanese decorations . Here are the complete feature of these bathtub:


  • 19″ Extra Deep inside depth
  • 50-70 gallon capacity
  • Fits in most standard tub location
  • Soak Your Whole Body
  • Made by Fiberglass
  • Acrylic Gel Coat
  • Drop-In style