Warm colors, the new trend color of 2008

The green home design was the big trend in 2007,with too cool minimalism green color, but now in 2008, we can see and wait, there are several new color trend for home design, warm color.
Here's what a sample of interior designers and industry insiders say you should be shopping for:
  • Beware of pseudo green
Manhattan-based interior designer Claire McGovern of McGovern Design House said green design could be the most important design change of 2008, as long as it's done right and not to fit a trend. "Most start-up design companies are acknowledging the need, and most educated customers are asking about the green qualifications of a furniture piece," she said
  • Color, texture, layers
Minimalist white and beige are being pushed out in favor of color, textures and layers. There is a move toward warmer colors and away from the shininess and flatness of interiors over the last few years.
  • Mix it up
There is a big move away from "themed" rooms, in which everything must comply with an overall motif, such as country kitchen or a maritime-themed bedroom, so, people can be traditional but we are going to see more mixes.
Which trends do you like, you can considering with this.
source:www.chicagotribune.com, by ASSOCIATED PRESS