How to Create Gazebo?

Gazebo is one of my favorite place for relaxing, while reading a book or surfing internet in outdoor place. How to create gazebo?. First, we should preparing the most suitable place from our yard, behind the house or in front of our house?, Second, the size, how large the gazebo we want to create?, Third, the design, What kind of Gazebo we want to create, and the last, what material can we used to build.
My favorite gazebo size is 8 foot, with about 1 meter between each foot, we can place 2 or 3 chairs inside the gazebo. For design, it's important to know what are the weather in our country, in tropical country, we can use natural material for roof and floor, in other country, we can use another style or design. Here are several Gazebo style:

Tropical Gazebo

Javanese Gazebo

Japanese Gazebo

Modern Gazebo

Basic Style Gazebo