Photo Gallery on Your Wall

wall designThis wall is created by Champange.chic, on this wall, we can see there are a lot of photo, so he created a photo gallery on his wall, He said that this wall was a favorite spot of his house. We can also use this idea to create a photo gallery on our wall, the problem was "How to seeing a whole pictures!!"

Art Wall Design for Hotels

This wall design located at Red Rock Hotel and Casino (LA), created with high sense of art, with wave style, we can also configure our wall with this style, so we can feel like at a hotel. Taken from Fruitful Studios.

Blue Abstract Wall Design

abstract wall designBlue color is the most favorite color, sometimes we confused how to create our wall by unique design based blue color. This wall design is suitable for personal wall's room, with small peaces of rectangle blue color blended with white and another blue type. We can also use similar color of floor to make the room looks matched.

Door Design as Space Saver

door designIf we had small space for our room, we need maximize the space so we didn't lost more spaces, one of the tips is we can use this door design. Doors are outfitted with easy-grip lever-style handles rather than knobs. Pocket doors are used as space savers. Transitions between rooms are all on one level. The pocket door also had adopted from Japanese door style with sliding door. with this design, we can reduce more space for our house.

Minimalist but Modern Style Kitchen

Minimalist but Modern Style Kitchen Modern but minimalist kitchen design is the trend best kitchen design today, with this style, we can reduce the room and don't worry about the design. The important thing about minimalist design is optimizing the room and the storage furniture such as cabinet and table. The another thing that we should considering is the choice of material of the cabinet, table and the chair, we can choose glass or steel material to make them brighter. Don't forget to complete the lighting with natural lighting by creating more wider windows.

Minimalist Furniture on your Elegant Entertainment Room

Minimalist Furniture on your Elegant Entertainment Room The key of minimalist furniture is lower size of the chairs, with this chair, your room will looks more wider. To make the room more comfortable, we can use bright color for the floor, entertainment room doesn't need brighter lighting, so we can use simple lightning at the upside of the room. Entertainment room usually used for watching movies or television, and sometimes we use the room for listening tha music, so we need to locate a bigger sofa, for approximatelly 4 persons. To complete the room, we need small table in front of the chairs.

Elegant Living Room with Minimalist Furniture

Elegant Living Room with  Minimalist Furniture
Elegant living room and entertainment room can be configure with minimalist furniture, why, because minimalist furnitures are the trend of this year, we can also use warm color as the trend color too. Suitable choice for the furniture's material such as glass or stainless steel are the keys to create minimalist furniture.
minimalist livingroom
Minimalist furniture for a living room have special shape, this table and sofa se a minimalistic shape with simple shape, the color combination can fooling the eye about the real size of the room.
More minimalist furniture:

Large Space Dining Room with Simple Style

Large Space Dining Room with Simple Style
This simple but large dinning table is one of my favorite dinning table, with 8 chairs, we can use this dinning furniture for a big family or office dinning room. Simple table with dark and warm color can be blend with similar color for the chair to make them matched. To get more romance sense, we can use minimum lighting.

Simple But Elegant Dinning Room Designing Tips

dinning table,interior design,table,chair,modern design,minimalist design
Creating a minimalist but elegant dinning room must considering several factors, First, we had to choose a small dinning furniture for two or 4 persons, use a simple table and simple but elegant chairs, choose a plastic or fiber chair with stainless steel feet. Second, choose the similar color between table, floor and wall, use a simple and small size decorations for the table and the wall. and the last use a maximum natural lighting by creating large size door or windows to let the light entering the room. These home improvement steps can bring the value and the convenience of the room.

Japanese Elegant Bathroom Design

Japanese BathThis rectangular Japanese bath is suitable for any elegant bathroom design, completed with special tile for wall and floor, and completed with natural bench in the bathroom, make the bathroom looks like another vital room of your house, contact Diamond Spas to get more informations and order it.
Inspired by the indigenous cultures of Asia, Africa, and Latin America, several art and furniture manufacturer creates new designs that synthesize the utilitarian tools of agrarian cultures with modern design and utility. Japanese style is one of their favo rite cultures with variant traditional furniture, one of the manufacturer is Tucker Robbins, Craftsmen in Tucker Robbins' Manhattan workshop use eighteenth-century French finishing and polishing techniques to draw the desired color, depth, and sheen from ancient woods of the world's equatorial belt.
This Japanese traditional dinning table use a thick wood with simple style combined with simple chairs too. The sense of Japanese style looked from the decorations and the lamps.

Staniless Steel Standard Japanese Bath

Japanese BathThis stainless steel standard style Japanese Bath is a common bath style in Japan, they usually other material such as natural stone or usual material. But this bath use unusual material, this bath is provided by Diamond Spas, a special manufacturer for a contemporary or traditional design, soaking baths, whirlpool baths, air system baths and Japanese baths. Here are the complete description of this bath:
Style: Contemporary, Hip
Type: Custom, Tub Surround / Apron
Installation: Available in Alcove, Deck-mount, Undermount
Shape: Rectangular (Also available in Diamond, Oval, Round, Square)
Material: Stainless Steel (Also available in Copper)
Color/Finish: Metallic
Dimensions: 48" L x 36" W x 35" H

Personal Minimalist Living Room Design

personal_living_roomThis living room used Kartell table and chair from the Sentou gallery, with wood floor and wall, can make the room comfort and warm. This design is made by Lyn Harris.

Choose bright color for your bedroom

master bedroom
The right choice for our bedroom is the key to create a vibrancy room, this master bedroom uses bright colours against white walls to add vibrancy, completed with small chair and table used for personal purposes, can reduce the complexity of the room. This bedroom is designed by Lyn Harris at

Black and White Minimalist Design for Tropical Living Room

doomark_minimalist_designUltra modern minimalist home design with a sleek profile. Sits low on the ground with a small footprint. The Doomak house is perfect for beach properties or event desert terrain. with black and white color, make the room looks wider than the real size.

Large and Complete Elegant Bathroom

master bathroomMaster bathroom with large mirror

bathtub Elegant Jacuzzi Bath Tub

shower room bathroomShower room with transparent glass door

This bathroom describe a large and complete hotel class bathroom with standard part of the bathroom. This picture was taken from Beautiful Bellevue Pacific Tower, see another description of this bathroom at

Opened Kitchen to Get Beautiful Views Everywhere

Opened Kitchen 1
Opened Kitchen 2
Optimize the room of your kitchen by opened most of the room, we can configure by provide a large glass wall of large window, so the Kitchen has been opened up make the most of the beautiful views. With a great deal of storage features, we can cooking as much as possible without feel bored, with premium appliances and custom cabinets and beautiful special hardwood floors, make the room looks elegant and comfortable. See complete description at

How to prevent an un-vented roofs caused by cold-climate ice dam leaks?

Ice Dams occur when temperatures drift between 10 and 30 degrees f. Ice builds up on the edge of the roof, but snow will melt above the ice ridge and the water will collect and flow under the shingles and into the house, causing tea-colored stains on walls and ceilings and destroying wallboard, plaster and insulation.
Following are some steps you can take to prevent or eliminate ice dams:
  • Do not climb on the roof to remove the snow or clear the vents.
  • Do not chop or pound the ice off the roof. You can damage the shingles, gutters or worse.
  • Carefully remove the snow above the ice dam. Remove as much of the snow as possible above the ice dam buildup. Using a conventional ROOF RAKE can cause damage to your shingles. Avalanche's cutting frame and guide wheels allow you to remove the buildup safely.
  • You can apply sidewalk snow-melt chemicals (NOT SALT) to ice dams. Salt can damage your shingles and stain your siding. Snow melt chemicals are available at most hardware and grocery stores. Use a ladder to get NEAR, NOT ON, the roof and apply the deicer to the ice highest on the roof.

roofs caused by cold-climate ice dam leaks

Roof Ice Dam Melting Sock

There are several product such as Roof Ice Dam Melting Sock wit or without Ice Melt Crystals,with this socks, we can reduce or eliminate ice dam roof leakage problems for years. Click here to see details product descriptions.

What is the color for your kids bedroom?

Children are more likely have bright color for almost all their goods, such as book, bag, and their bedroom, so if you want to choose the right color for your kids, just use a bright color such as pink, yellow or other bright color. This kids bedroom is suitable for your age 5 to 11 kids.
Not all children like to have a bright color for their bedroom, some of several children more likely to have a natural color for their bedroom. This natural kids bedroom or teen bedroom is suitable for your age 12 to 16 teen. visit to see more kids bedroom.

Place your Gazebo near the water place

Gazebo is one important part of the house, not all the house had a gazebo, sometimes, Hotel and restaurant have more than one gazebo, the guests were happy if they spent their time much longer in the gazebo, the perfect place to locate the gazebo is near the water places, like swimming pool or fishpond. Here are several gazebo design:
This gazebo is used for take a rest while enjoying breakfast or lunch
Looks very traditional gazebo with unique sculpture
Special large gazebo near the swimming pool, with natural garden. This gazebo usually located in tropic country.

Garden Landscape to completing our relax places

Complete your house with a garden landscape, is it important?
landscaping designLandscape gardening can be used to enhance and increase the value of both your home and garden. Both front and rear gardens of this converted barn have been sympathetically landscaped to blend in with the period character of the building. With special natural stone and special brick for the floor, this landscape can make our house more comfortable, the natural fresh air from the garden will make us want to stay for much time in our garden, this design is taken from timotay landscapes ltd.

Landscape design to give a fresh sense for your house

The most complicated problem in designing a garden is the space of our house, we don't need to have a large garden to enjoy good garden design - as this modest sized 4 by 8 metre town garden demonstrates. By placing secluded seating areas, attractive water features, inviting walkways and a 'garden to escape to'. Use a small round table with two chairs, and simply garden roof. We can also using a block paving or special wood for the floor. This garden design is provided by Timotay landscapes ltd. Visit their web to get more informations.

Bathrooms could be just functional spaces that need little or no decorating attention, but imagine a bathroom that not only serves its function but is also a place where you can relax and take care of yourself in beautiful. Imagine you lying back in your tub filled with fragrant bubbles, listening to your favourite CDs, closing your eyes and feeling good and taken care of, after a day of hard work, you’re in a space that is beautifully designed with gorgeous tiles, lovely walls decorated with art or mirrors. With all the new materials, design styles and innovative products becoming available, the bathroom of your dreams can finally turn into something more than just a sink, toilet and a shower combo.

The biggest difficulty in bathroom remodeling is trying to figure out how to match what you think is your ideal bathroom look with its size limitations. Usually, your bathroom is one of the smallest areas in the house. You may have to consider all the plumbing and electrical wiring obstacles if you’re thinking about moving things around. This image was a remodled bathroom design by

Special Tiles Materials for Special Purposes

We often confused when we choose the most suitable tile material or style, special tile material can be used just for special purposes, Glass tile can be used for bathroom or kitchen wall, but there are several tyle that only suitable for floor purposes. These glass tiles can be used individually or as feature tiles can be combined with a number of ranges or used on their own. These glass tiles have film backing to ensure that no adhesive shows through, and they are finished with an elegant frosted surface. More info

Jazz Flower - tiles from 3 ranges that complement each other perfectly. When combined they create a unique and contemporary bathroom look, the decorative borders look great as a bathroom tile frame as well as a more traditional border.
When we walking aorund our garden, it will better when we see this wall design, with special relief to make our garden wall more beautiful. In this design the wall described a special dragon relief, natural relief also suitable for other wall design.

In this relief described "kuda lumping" relief, a Javanese traditional dance. All those relief are handmade product, designed by plongstudio, visit to see more information and also order the relief for your garden.

How to Redesign The Kitchen?

Before Remodeling

After Remodeling
Nowadays, there are several firm that conserned in remodeling or redesign the room, the most remodeling room project is kitchen, because most people dislike to maintenance their room, they said that the kitchen just used for cooking. But, by remodeling the kitchen, we can make our kitchen likes other vital room, we can doing much work in our kitchen. An ughly kitchen will make other room looks dirty and smelt. This pictures described two kitchens before remodeling kitchen and remodled kitchen. Before remodled, the kitchen looks ugly with irreguler furniture and other cooking set, so the room will looks limited space. In second picture, the redesigned kitchen, the cooking set and the furnitures are located well so, the room will look larger and cleaner. This picture s are taken from

Redesigned Living Room with Minimalist Furniture

This year, almost all furniture design are used a minimalist shape, with special lower foot, and simple square shape. A minimalist also suitable for larger room, so the room will looks more larger and clean. If we had a large room for our living room, we can also redesign as large as window, because in this year, the home design trends is indicated by large window to get natural lighting. This picture is adopted from, designed by SCOTT LITUCHY/THE STAR-LEDGER.

Minimalist Pink Living Room

My favorite color is pink, we can use this color for the living room, with this color, completed with large window to let the light enter into the room, we can purify the room. This minimalist living room is dominated with special shape of the furnitures, and the ornaments. Sustaining practicability and the basic functions of the furniture, are the keys of minimalist design.

Choose Your Bedroom Style!

Here are several my favorite bedroom design, we can choose our favorite ones, you can see the complete description by click the images:

It's very suit for beach lover, the style attract with special towel

Stripes, plaids, and prints intersect, creating a beautiful medley of chocolates, creams, and roses in the modern Urban Fedora bedding collection from DKNY

In the Striped Vista bedding collection from DKNY, spring citrus colors combine with the feeling of a favorite blazer. Seersucker stripes are made glamorous with satin details.

Natori Suzhou Bedding collections try to launch with special Asian style

All of this images i hope can bring you a fresh idea to choose your bedroom style.

When we feel so tired, it will be so comfortable if we get message or taking abath on special bathtub, with chrome fixtures, massage jets, and hand rail, we can feel complete relaxing. Ella's complete massage tub offers the ultimate relaxing experience. Chromotherapy 8 lights changing from red, green to yellow, chrome fixtures, head rest, radio - complete cool masage tub.

Simple Organizer for Minimalist Room

Price: $139.21
Click to buy
Do you like this, it's very suitable for your minimalist home, by season, for work or leisure, or configure it for his and her clothing with this custom closet kit from Rubbermaid. The shelves and hanging rods are adjustable for up to 10 feet of hang space and 12 feet of stacking space. All pieces of the kit have a long lasting epoxy, satin nickel or chrome finish for optimal durability. Loaded with shelf space, this kit is fast and easy to install with no cutting necessary. The kit adjusts to fit closet walls from 3 to 6 feet long. Telescoping rods and expanding shelves make it quick and easy to reconfigure the closet system at any time.

Persian Style Wall with Natural Stone

Persian Style Wall with Natural StonePersian culture is the blned of Asian and Erupean style, dominated with special shape of their building, Persian style building is not only famous in Iran as thecenter of Persian, but also famous in other Asian countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia, specially designed for mosque or museum. This picture was taken on an old station in Kuala Limpur, Malaysia, with special shape of the wall and the windows frame.

What is your favorite windows color?

White color can make our windows look clean and bright.

Ivory color for elegant room

Satin and Polyester are my favorite window accessories material, with warm color, like pink, white or ivory. The color of the windows accessories is matched with the wall.

Choose Your Bathtub With It's Style

The most popular tub type today is still the basic, 5 ft. wall-to-wall built-in model in white or biscuit. Millions of these units are sold every year. There is very style little difference between any of these models. Some are porcelain on steel; some are acrylic; some are cast iron. There are differences in quality and price, but not a great deal in style.

Claw-foot bathtubs are still being sold if you prefer an antique look. Actually, the quality and finish on these units today is as fine as any available. Many people still prefer this style of bathing. Some manufacturers have updated the design to appear quite modern.

Tubs not only come in a multitude of sizes, colors and styles, but in a variety of materials as well. The choice and combination depends upon individual needs and tastes, as well as architectural limitations.
With dozens of manufacturers offering myriad shapes and sizes in a variety of materials and with numerous options, a visit to a bathtub showroom can be a bewildering experience.