Best Home Design on Kitchen from Jurak Remodeling

This photos was one of my favorite best home design on kitchen, taken from Jurak Remodeling, Inc. On this picture, we can found a best blend of the color, lighting, cabinet, table and all of kitchen parts. The good composition and configurations will maximize the room used, included best furniture choosing and the color of roof, wall and floor. We can also support and completed to make the room more on elegance with special lighting design. So, creating a best kitchen design will need more attention on interior design and kitchen furniture compositions.best_kitchen_Design_156

Simple Home Design on Landscaping

On this picture I show you how we can use our small particular land or our house for designing a landscape, with this idea we can make our house more beautiful. The idea was easy to come up with. This picture shows how the bed border creates unity on both sides of the sidewalk by making the borders flow together as if through the sidewalk. Landscaping ideas don't need to be complicated or fancy to be beautiful. They just need to be a clean and simple extension of your home. I really can't say too much about simplicity. As we know, on designing simple home design, we need to complete the house with maximizing all part of the house include outdoor or indoor. I found this picture on

simple landscape

Multi Storage Kitchen Cabinet on Kitchen Island

Cooking on a large and complete storage kitchen is one of the favorite thing that professional chefs wanted. They also prefer to use more appliances place to save them neatly, so here are several picture that provide to your imagination on multi storage kitchen from Hanse Living, a provider of Kitchen Island
kitchen cabinet On this picture we see a big cabinet for almost all cooking set, and other appliances, we can store much goods there.
master table kitchen This picture describe the design of master kitchen table completed with storage on the side of the table.

Outdoor Gazebo Bathroom for Maximum Relaxing

Gazebo was a special building as big house accessories or hotel facility, with the existence of gezebo we could feel more comfortable and could feel air for maximizing our relax, actually, gazebo just used for relaxing completed with bench or small table, but here we can also designing outdoor bathroom in the gazebo

Outdoor Gazebo Bathroom for Maximum Relaxing

Asian Style Home Design from European Style

Nowadays, Asian style in home design and interior design used European style, they are not used persian or other Asian style anymore, with special style in constructions, Eurepean style in building had stronger material and constructions, include floor, wall roof and other basic home constuctions.
Asian Home Design

Hanging Lamp Design for Healthy Interior

Healthy Interior home design is one of best interior design today, with the global warming problem, we need to create health based home design, that supported to reduce the global warming. By minimizing the electricity need, we can indirectly reduce the need of global electricity. One of this way can be conducted with the selective choosing on lighting. So, we don't need to considering another solutions in global warming solutions, it's enough to creating a best home design with smart electricity usage and lighting design.
hanging lamp
hanging lamp
For the General lighting that had a function of lighting the wide area, hanging lamp was the appropriate choice. Was placed in the middle sitting the area, the light kind like this will not reduce much space. Chose hanging lamp that was striking with the design in accordance with the style furniture so that real display can seen increasingly intact. Those lamp design were adopted from

Traditional Room Design for Comfortability

Traditional room design is usually used for a bigger house, this design is not suitable for small house, the choice of the furniture usually used a bigger an more elegant one. With a darkner color for the furniture is a common choice for this interior design. The benefit of this design is we can feel more on comfortability with unlimited fresh air and views.

We can found more of this design on Javanese culture in Indonesia, and another Asian country. With more of wooden furniture, thoose country were the best of wooden furniture source, so is not impossible if their house usually use much wooden furniture.

Interior Lighting and Decoration on Minimalist Room

The light arrangement for the design minimalis must pay attention to the colour of the foundation of the room, so as to be able to make the room looks wider than the fact, in decorations, we need to use small decorations and furniture to reduce the use of excessive space. On this first picture, the room used simple lamp located on the corner of the room, this lamp is just used for standby only, the main lamp is located above the room. Don't forget to use colours that were harmonious for the carpet, the floor and furnitures, we can also use more then one similar color, such as brown and warm for the wall, table, chair, and use blue color for the book shelf.
interior lighting

On this picture, the room decorated with more simple decorations, This design really was suitable for the room that was small on the corner of the house, the round table usually used for 3 or 2 person for having small dinning, or just drinking. The similar color with more color change of the room and the lighting will show the romantic atmosphere.

interior lighting

Lighting Design on Minimalist Workspace

lightingMore brightness lighting from main lamp or additional lamp were very important for your eye health and the comfort sense, minimalist design on workspace need more lighting to make the room looks wider with special material on table such as glass or another steel. Do not forget to use large window with glass material, so we didn't feel less of free spaces. See another lighting on

Interior Room Designing on Choosing Suitable Color

simple living roomMaterial and color are the keys of interior room design, especially for living room, it will better if we choose brightness chocolate with straight wooden style. Most people like to have a straight or pink color of the wood, but with a simple style. With similar choice on floor, wall and furniture will make the room more live. Brought the sense of elegance into our house. Here are the sample of the most suitable table and chairs set.
simple chairWith this simple chair, but don't forget to use similar color with another decorations, we can reduce the used area of the room

simple tableWith this simple table, we can easily maintenance this table. All picture and design of this post were adopted from

Interior Design on Handmade Modern Kitchen

Interior Design on Handmade Modern KitchenInterior Design on kitchen is one of interior design trends as a best home and room design, we can see this best kitchen design that redesigned on handmade, completed with all handmade furniture include the table, chairs, washing basin, master table and cabinets. With this design, the kitchen looks more elegant but didn't removed the sense of originally. For lighting, we can opened the window wider. This kitchen was a redesigned model from another kitchen design. is one of room design remodeling manufacturer, see more details and another picture on

Designing Home Bar to Complete Your Interior Design

Sometimes if we going to any bar or pub, we see special place that contains one or two person who provide the drink order, we know it as a bar, It will very elegant if we have personal home bar at our house. The first step how to build the home bar is planning about the construction about the bar table abd the back bar.

For the table, we can designing a straight shaped table or L-Shaped table with a special height and special shape. Straight shaped table usually used for small bar but we can create another bar table design as we like.

Straight Shaped Bar Table

L-Shaped Bar Table

Back Bar

Back bar is designed for placing the bottle and the glass, it's need special special shapes to mathed with the wall and the floor, back bar design should similar ant suitable with the table, we can create with same material. See another bar design at

How to Choose Kids Bedding for Our Children

Our children will very happy if they know that we will buy personal bed for them as they like based on their favorite color and style. Sometimes we caonfused how to choose the right color and style, here are several thing that you can considering before choosing kids bedding for yuor children. First, ask to your children about their favorite colour, they will very happy to have a bedroom with their favorite color, small kids (age 4 to 7) are prefer to have a bright bedroom color, so we should dominate the room, bed, accessories with bright color, but for the teen (8 to 15) especially girl, will prefer to have more romantic color such as pink, but for your son, please choose more dark color, such as black, red or blue or may be purple.

Girl teen bedroom
The second thing that you must considering is the style, much children don't like a big bed, but they want to big size of bedroom, especially for your son, please pic a large size bedroom, they want to place all teir toys. All children dislike to have an elegant bed, but they prefer to have a simple bed with lower height.

Toys, PC and Gaming Set

Color Choice for your son

The second thing that you must considering is the style, much children don't like a big bed, but they want to big size of bedroom, especially for your son, please pic a large size bedroom, they want to place all teir toys. All children dislike to have an elegant bed, but they prefer to have a simple bed with lower height.
Large Size with Accessories Bedroom
The last thing to consider is the bedroom accessories, use much accessories for placing the toys, floor mats, gaming set, small single chairs,

Unique room design with natural decorations

unique room design This irreguler and uncommon room design looks unique with several decorations such as special lighting likes on a cafe, and minibar with two floors, on the lower floor, there is a personal bedroom without door, on the upper floor that connected with an upstair, we can also locate dinning room with simple dinning furniture, on the other side, there are also located a set of chairs with simple table for relaxing with friends. This unique room design can be adopted from remodled of a garage or another useless large room or our house.

Japanese Sliding Door Style for Hotels

Japanese Sliding Door Style for Hotels Although Japanese culture centered in Japan, but the style of Japanese building are broaded in all around the world. One of the most adopted of Japanese style home design is the design for the door, wall and other simple room. The door design used a sliding door design, we can use this style in almost all room, especially for the room that need hight mobility of its person. We can adopted this door design for hotel or personal room, the benefits of this door design are the reduce of the wasted space and support for high mobility door. See to get more informations.

Restroom design for hotel or personal

Restroom design for hotel or personal Restroom is important part of the building, hotel of restaurant should bave this room, the right choice of decorations, wall, door and floor will make more comfortable on this room while washing the hands. We can also use this room for 'remark' our face on make up. The use of additive lamp for the room can make the room more brighter. See another picture on

Improvemented Lobby Room Design for Medical or Hotel

home improvement for hotel Commonly, we should use white color for medical place such as hospital, and we used calm color for hotels and more, eventually, several home improvement manufacturer provided uncommon design for this. They usually used more relax sense design for these room. completed sufficient chairs for waiting room, If we wan to change this design, we just reduce or replace the chairs and locate these chairs on the bar of room. Loby room identically with the street, we should configure themas simple as possible, because this room is not the main room of the building.
Another room design can be access at

Personal Internet Access Room Design

internet room This picture described a personal internet access room, taken from best home design, actually this room is not an internet access room, but in several countries, most of internet access room used this design, a lot of them used for gaming or language laboratory room. On this room we can see some partial room used for one or two persons, but behind the box, there are several chairs for waiting room. The use of wood boxed colored with matched combination between door and floor. In lighting, we can improve natural lighting with special roof designn and large windows.

Reception Room Design for Medical Center

breception room design In all medical place such as hospital or other helth care places, reception room is the most important room, because in this room, almost all informations and access linked with other room directly. All guests wanted any informations here fastly and complete, so we had to create and configuring the room as good as possible. In this room, we also need much chairs for waiting place of the guests. To avoid unwanted sense like a common helath care places, we can also modified all furniture with uncommon decorations, so they feel like on their room.
This image and ideas is teken from that also provide another services about home or another building remodeling.

Warm and Cool Color for Elegant Bedroom


The first time I saw this picture I felt comfort and I can see the elegance of this bedroom, the suitable choice of the bedroom cover, wall, floor and the room decorations looks so matched with warm and cool color. We can decorate the room with picture or photo hanging on the wall. Place the small sofa or ottoman to sit while reading the book before or after sleeping. We just need small table to locate snack or other drink. This warm color will looks more comfort by completing with large windows, so we can look around the house from our bedroom.

Assentrics Bed Lines for Bedroom Accessories

bed,bed lines
This bedroom design is designed by assentrics, as a family run retail store located in Alpharetta, Georgia, they concerned on a wide selection of gifts, home decor, antiques, custom designed furniture, books, art, bedding and gifts. This bed lines and the accessories imagine me to create this post.

Blend color for elegant bedroom

queen bedroom chaplin
Complete your bedroom by adding an air of sophistication to your home with the Chaplin bedroom. This contemporary yet metropolitan collection is crafted of pine solids and figueira veneers and enhanced with a cherry tobacco finish. Here are the description of the room: For the bed, we can choose a marbella platform bed, made of wood and wood composite with a dark brown laminate finish. For the bedroom furniture, we can choose a similar color with the bed, we can also choose a chocolate triple dresser with 6 drawer dresser unit Constructed of particleboard. The last is choose a night table, with contemporary night table with a dark chocolate finish looks great adjacent to any bed. We just need a single drawer storage space makes this night table both attractive and functional.
The suitable color in between all bedroom accessories and furniture can bring the positive sense of comfort and convenience.