Insulate Your Window with Wood or Metal Blind

Blinds are used for insulating our window from the outside lighting and for privacy purpose. From the living room to the corner office, Blinds provide a lightweight modern sophistication. Regulate light and privacy by a simple tilt of the slats. The important thing is material and color selection, to ensure a stylish fit there are 2 material of blinds: Wood and Metal, metal wood provide an easily and compactly to raise and lower our blinds with a built-in lifting mechanism. Control privacy and light in-take with a simple tilt of the slats.
wood+blindWood Blind is made from high quality natural hardwoods using only sustainable resources. These blinds are durable, warp resistant, and help insulate your windows. A built-in lifting mechanism allows you to lower and raise your blinds with ease. Simply tilt the slats with our wand or cord control to manage light in-take. See another Blinds at The Shade Store.