Castle used for Independent Film

Created by Tobias Dawson
The castle photos were sent by Tobias Dawson. The model should be used in a small independent film. Here's what he had to say about the model:

"I am a production designer with a small independent film company Prometheus Motion Pictures. We are producing a micro-budget film entitled "folklore" that required me to build a small castle for a model Greenscreen panoramic shot. I had a little time and very little budget, and I hunt around online for a product that would allow me a good degree of flexability design and good looks and the capacity of our facility in a short time and budget frameworks.

I decided to give it a try and ordered mussels # 45, # 63, # 70 and # 201. I had a great time designing and building the model itself, which was created during about a month using your blocks and a variety of custom, I made molds. The castle is an exception in two sections, so that it can be modified to a sequence in which it must be first used, then ruinous. I thought that building a model that had removable "good" sections which can be replaced by "rubble" sections would be faster and simpler than the construction of two models.

The material was used plaster of Paris I, stuck with wood glue. As he was not going to be used in any kind of game situation, durability was secondary compared to the cost. I painted with some cheap craft acrylic paint that my friend had on, with and under spray on primer gray. I really have a great time building this thing (in fact, this is my first model stage ...) and since then I have always been tempted to buy more mussels and build more things ... It really is addictive. Very good product! "