Classic Mountain Haus Models

Classic Mountain Haus Models

Rustic nature of stonework, steep roofs, simple materials, all trademarks of the planned homes, and their populations living on the mountain. The Mountain House is designed to maximize views in many directions, is suitable for steep slopes, and reflects the stability of the mountains as it is based.

Classic Mountain Haus is a very flexible plan designed for active families and entertaining guests.
Classic Mountain Haus Designs Classic Barn Homes: Models & Floor plans
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Classic Mountain Haus 1

When the central stair separating the living room, dining area, kitchen and powder room, the Mountain Haus 1 provides a very open to the first floor. A lowered counter with bar stools to encourage discussion with the cook, and offers a quaint breakfast area. The second floor contains the master suite, two bedrooms and full bath, as well as the Media Center cantilevered over the front porch.
Classic Mountain Haus 1 Classic Barn Homes: Models & Floor plans
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Classic Mountain Haus 2

A similar plan for Mountain Haus 1, the Mountain Haus 2 offers the same spacious, first-tier plan, and adds a third bedroom, second floor. A central master bedroom take advantage of the views of large cantilevered gable extension to the front of the house.
Classic Mountain Haus 2 Classic Barn Homes: Models & Floor plans
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