Creative and Antique Modern Home Design

Every architect wants to expanding their design with usual or unusual way to get a new design, on this picture we can see an unique and creative modern home design, why? because the design use an unusual style and material. Emil, the designer said that designing is like a pray, he known all about designing rules, on this time, he had an experiment to build his own home, by combining his experiences, science and his dream.
creative+antique+home design+1See this design, a natural, unique but modern design, actually, the wall is made from glass, but you can see a several composition of the second-hand soft drink bottles, there are about 30.000 bottle to configure it.
creative+antique+home design+2On this interior, we can see that we will not need another lighting, just use a natural lighting, and we can also look around the house.
creative+antique+home design+3This is a suitable room for relaxing, while enjoying the fresh air, on this room, Emil used a natural material such as natural stones.