Home Design - the construction of houses - home plans

Home Design - the construction of houses - home plans

If you are looking for free advice on creating and designing your own home,

You will find here, with plans to house, the house plans, floor plans, which houses the drawings, models house, housing construction, home markets. Design, plan and build your home. The construction of houses estimates.

Free amateur advice! Be your own general contractor!
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Thank you for visiting our site. Our goal is to provide you with practical advice and common sense advice on the design, construction of housing and / or are the subject of an entrepreneur of your home while avoiding the mistakes and pitfalls which can ruin your dream for years to come!

House design and build your own house is perfectly within the reach of most people, but it does take a lot of research plans and concentration. We're here to help you with this aspect, including the preparation of some houseplans.

By acting as your own general contractor, you can expect to save 15 to 40 percent on the cost amateur! If you are generally handy with tools, and have some knowledge of trades, particularly carpentry, and are ready to build your own house May you reduce costs even more.

Keep in mind that the house design, construction plans and amateur may be enough time, May and be quite a pressure on you and your family if you try to do too much yourself. It is a big job in itself just to make the new home plans, oversee construction and deal with numerous, sometimes complex situations involved in home design and construction of housing. Throughout this site, you will find plenty of advice and plans on how to deal with these problems.

The plans for all aspects of the construction of your house is the key to the success of a project! Through careful planning, you can avoid surprises which are often waste the dreams that were developed at random. All the hours spent on blue prints is a good investment. Blue with good impressions, when construction begins, you should be able to oversee the project from the front of your TV!

You will not, of course, but it will be because you can not keep watching your dream house under construction, not because you are unable to stay on top of things.

Home Designd Under 1500 square feet
House Plans 1500 to 2000 square feet
House Plan 2000 to 2500 square feet
Home Plan 2500 t0 3000 square feet
House Designs 3000 to 4000 square feet
Home Plans More than 4000 square feet

Duplex Blue Prints
Garage Blueprints
Narrow Lot Houseplans
Split level Plans
Cottage House Plans
New design

If you are interested in the construction of houses books;

One of the most comprehensive books I've seen east; How to Design & Build Your Own House Random House, ISBN 0-394-75200-7. It includes many detailed drawings and instructions on each of the trades and make plans.

This book is currently available on amazon.com
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Two other very good books are also available on amazon.com
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We have many years of experience as carpentry and general contractors. In the process we have been and are still involved in the preparation of plans (plans), estimating the house and the other phases of residential development and construction management.

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We also appreciate comments or suggestions that you May. We are continually adding to these pages, so please stop again.

If you are interested in the house plans, see our plans Select the home page.

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