Appropriate Color Compositions for a Best Room Design

unique home modernCreating a best room design should pay attention to the appropriate color composition interdepartmental of each room components. Wall, furniture, decorations, floor, lighting, the functions and the size of the room. A room that usually used especially for night activity such as cafe or dinning bar need minimalist lighting, and unique decorations. Warm and more darkness room make the room looks comfort and romantic.
The use of modern furniture can make the room looks elegant. Glass and metal material with darkness color are suitable decorations for this room, wooden flooring with green warm wall color will matched with the floor. On this design, 2modern create a best color compositions for the room components.

Compare with this room design, on this design we can see the color compositions are used for more attractive purpose, this color compositions used a brighter color with blue, white and green compositions. Living room or a library are the most suitable application.

On this design, uniquedecor brought a green-colored modern designs, an unique decorations inspired by the luck of the Irish! Green is natural, fresh, gender-neutral, and all modern! Using a punch of lime green to the walls, furniture, or decor will add a dramatic and fun flare to the room. Whether you match it with turquoise or contrast it with gray, green, which is the most restful color for the human eye and also associated with peace and safety, is ideal for your relaxing contemporary retreat