Anti-Scald devices
Burns water can happen to anyone. AARP and offers information on anti-scald devices for the shower, tub and sink.

Bathroom Checklist
From shower Bathtub Well, here's a checklist to help you see how your bathroom design to match your family's changing needs.

Bathroom Phones
A bathroom phone may be a necessity. AARP explains the type of phone to get.

The right bathing tub makes it much easier, whether you're young or old. AARP Tips on choosing a new bathtub that is easy to use and make sure your old bathtub.

Grab Bars
In addition to the security of supply grab bars, they are now enough colors to satisfy our bathroom decor. AARP describes how to select and install grab bars.

Showers hand
Shower heads need not be six feet from the wall. Showers hand meet the needs of the whole family

Pocket Doors
Pocket doors facilitate entry into rooms and expand the usable space. Here's how they work and what to look for when buying one.

Traffic in a bathtub for an appointment shower is easier than you think. AARP gives you some tips to choose and equip a ready-to-install shower and accessories.

Wells and Vanities
Is your bathroom sink convenient for everyone in the family? Tips for choosing a sink or vanity that each family member is easy to use.

When creaky knees or get you sprain your back, using the toilet can be a challenge. There are toilets, modifications and devices that can make it easier.