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Eco-Architecture: Do your houses tree of life
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The concept of shaping life in the trees as objects useful for building materials, house, tree known as the shaping, arborsculpture, art or living pooktre, is not new. And now, the scientist ready to apply it in real with the direction of Tel Aviv University professors Yoav Waisel and Amram Eshel.
build house with living tree

build house with living tree

The approach is a new application of the well-known phenomenon of botany development of aerial roots. Instead of using the branches of plants, this approach takes patented malleable roots and forms a useful objects for indoors and outdoors.

Pilot projects under way in the USA, Australia and Israel on park benches for hospitals, play structures, streetlamps and gates. So we will soon see the bus stop pushing its own foliage in the shade, a playground for children, made entirely from trees, a shelter to live tree roots that could provide protection natural against earthquakes in California, etc.
designing games for children

designing games for children

The original "root-revolutionary" research was conducted at Sarah Racine Root Research Laboratory Tel Aviv University, the first and largest laboratory aeroponics in the world. Founded by Professor Waisel 20 years ago, the lab allows scientists to conduct future advance research and creation that benefits humanity and the environment.

Applications commercial research is being developed by Plantware, a company founded in 2002. TAU Plantware and working together researchers found that certain species of trees aeroponically (in the air instead of soil and water) not harden. This developed a new method more and more "soft roots," which could easily turn into trees useful life of structures.
Garden Design meeting

Garden Design meeting

Completing the informal sector Plantware collaboration between the founders and the university, the company director of operations, Yaniv Naftaly, holds a degree in life sciences TAU.

It is even possible that in the near future, all homes will be built with eco-technologies. An engineer by trade, the CEO Plantware Glazer Gordon hopes that the first house prototype will be ready in about a decade. Although the method of "growing your own house" may take years, the result is long-lasting and desirable especially in the emerging field of green architecture.

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