Blend of Functionality and Art in Bathroom Decoration

A blend of art and functionality of bathroom decoration into the bathrooms through high-end bathroom products which combine beautiful shapes with decorative elements, patterns and prints in vivid colors. An excellent example of the trend is Kos, a beautiful modern bathroom collection by Nova Linea. The collection features a simple, yet striking combination of both beautiful curved shapes and straight, sharp lines which combined create a really modern feel, further embellished by beautiful decorative patterns. Featuring a strong contrast of simple shapes and rich decorative patterns as well as color, and ridden of any excess details, such as cabinet door handles which could only disturb the harmony of elements, the beautiful and bold Kos compositions will easily steal the spotlight in any bathroom.

Clean looks interior design for Private residential

On these pictures below, we can see the clean rooms design for Private residential, designed by tsao-mckown with special job for renovating a twenty-five-foot side townhouse, dating to the mid-nineteenth century, in a manner that would intelligently harmonize with the original remaining elements.
Looks this bathroom near the stairs, soo personally...
Tsao & McKown saw an opportunity to develop an architectural vocabulary that would serve the spirit of the Federal facade and staircase, yet imbue the new interior with modern sensibilities. The entry foyer fireplace, for example, is now framed by a colossal but subtle expanse of carved stone reminiscent of the envisioned exemplar

Modern Design from tsao-mckown

Modern Design from tsao-mckown
tsao-mckown said "We do not believe in stylistic imprints that make consumers of clients. We create residential interiors that achieve quiet precision and strength, uncompromised by what is added, and allow a diversity of furnishings and lives to harmonize within them." Those picture above describe several modern sample with Custom bronze scones and chipped granite floor.

Batik - stunning and bathroom uNiqe Unit Regia

Batik - stunning and bathroom uNiqe Unit Regia
October 21 2008: Momoy Category: Bathroom Set
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orange black bathroom idea

New contemporary bathroom unit Regia, inspired by Javanese pattern called "Batik". This new bathroom units is perfect for all who love interior decorating colorful bathroom, all units of the bathroom is complete with sink and the wall storage cabinet Hung. See photos and get the new decoration bathroom idea.

batik red unit bathroom

detailed view

simple minimalis home

from Arkinetia
23rd September 2007 - Posted in Minimalism House

Arkinetia shows us one simple design house in the shape of a rectangle, minimalist form, in Spain.
The house represents the conclusion and openness to the open space in the grass and sense of horizontality.

Study of Architecture + minimalism house in Formentera
The study, and the house is the core of the service, which separates the work to private life, and is provided with a bookstore, a file, bath, cooks, beds, cabinets, equipment and traces of two walls, which allow divided into two main areas, conceal intimate spaces, as an office or guest bedroom.

Thus, one obtains a certain flexibility and multifunctionality. Surrounding that includes a program (12 x 12 m) extending the area of generating internal-external transition, in the basic width.

3D model construction of the house before his production

In Miniatur out of the house demonstrated some insight into the house through the front and rear view.
Complete and detailed site with information about this proposal can be found here:

unique swirl wallpaper

Moss house with a unique swirl of wallpaper Nendo
Oct 24 2008 By: Momoy Category: Design Gallery
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unique swirl wallpaper

Moss House renovated by Nendo, this house was located at Shibuya River in Tokyo's Ebisu neighborhood. The house had accumulated some weird and wonderful features, an inner courtyard, an oddly long hallway, a small room, from a number of previous renovations. The main feature of this house is unique swirl pattern that resembled wallpaper create an ambiguous texture that is either naturally or artificially. Most wallpaper mimic nature through a two-dimensional representation of it, and the wall entirely in moss would simply have been too much.

pattern resembled a kind

staircase and detailed design

over the wall

natural swirl pattern

the room


operating room

Picture & Source: Nendo

Stylish livingroom Decoration with Yellow and White

Stylish livingroom Decoration with Yellow and WhiteWhite and Yellow composition in home improvement are used for special person who loved very much in yellow color, white design lover usually used another color to combine with it, yellow color is the most suitable to make an attractive and live room condition. Home improvement can be achieved by designing each room with todays trend continously by renovate or house remodeling.

Best Lobby Design from Tune Design

Tune Design, one of Chattanooga’s largest and fastest growing architecture and interior design firms, an experienced in Lobby designing. On above, You can see a several Tune's design that has been used by several offices on ar listen to our clients and go out of our way to find unique solutions to their specific needs. This client-focused approach is why 75 percent of revenues come from repeat clients. As buildings become increasingly complex and specialized, our experience partnering with other architects and consulting engineers also gives us an edge. Collaboration brings the best brain power and creativity to a project, and leading or working within a team of specialists is a skill in itself.”
Brian Tune, President

Chinese Modern Lamp Design for Oriental Interior

Chinese Modern Lamp Design for Oriental Interior
Chinese Modern Lamp Design for Oriental Interior
This is a modern Chinese hanging lamp style, made from mica glass, very suitable for decorate an attractive room, the basic color of the mica make the lamp looks beautiful.

Curtain Pattern Options for Home Designs Tips

When it comes to selecting curtain fabrics, it’s tempting to go with a solid color. We’ve been told, after all, that using too many patterns will overwhelm a room and make it look too busy. So if you have an upholstered plaid sofa or a pair of flowered armchairs, curtain patterns are a no-no, correct?, Here are several tips:

Curtain Pattern Options

So once you’ve decided that patterned curtains are the way to go, how do you decide what fabrics to use? Fabric patterns generally lend themselves to various styles like formal or modern rooms. Consider the following options:

  • Brocade - Brocade is often found in formal dining rooms or living areas. It has a raised design woven into cotton, silk, or wool. Depending on the base material, the brocade will be either medium or heavy weight. Most brocades are floral-patterned, although other options such as fleur de lis do exist.
  • Calico - If you’re looking for a more inexpensive and casual curtain pattern, calico might be the right choice for you. Calico is characterized by a small pattern of printed florals on cotton, and it makes a great choice for café style curtains.
  • Chintz - If you’re looking for a patterned fabric for a formal room that isn’t as heavy as brocade or damask, try chintz. Chintz is a smooth, shiny fabric printed with multicolored patterns on a lighter background.
  • Damask - Damask is one of the most popular curtain fabrics, with a raised pattern like brocade. However, it’s a little thinner. It comes in a variety of patterns including floral and fleur de lis.
  • Gingham - Gingham is another casual fabric pattern and is often found in kitchens. It’s characterized by a check pattern, usually light in color, and made out of cotton or synthetics.
  • Matelasse - Another heavy fabric with a raised design like brocade and damask, matelasse is generally less formal than the other two. Because of the weaving process, the design of matelasse is less even and more unfinished looking than in the other two fabric types.
  • Natural Weaves - In a natural weave, the fibers themselves are rough and uneven, resulting in a bumpy, textured fabric that may have some small gaps. Fabrics may be stiff like canvas or may be even more textured and almost nubby. Natural weaves look great in rooms with wilderness themes or pared-down modern vibes.
  • Tapestry - Tapestries depict very deeply textured designs or scenes and usually work best in formal rooms. They also tend to be expensive.
  • Ticking - One additional casual option is ticking, a pattern of alternating dark and light vertical strips. Ticking is a vertically striped fabric incorporating a pattern of darker stripes on a light background. Ticking is named after the printed fabric traditionally used to cover mattresses.
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Purple Color for Best Home Design

Violet has long been considered a difficult color to match and it has not been recommended in the area of interior design. Yet today it is one of the trendiest colors! Subtle blend of blue and red, purple matches a wide palette of colors to create best home design with an original and very modern atmosphere.


Paradoxical union of two opposing, red and blue, purple suggests mystery, wealth, but also melancholy and sensuality, according to the dominant that is blue or red. Violet is known because it can help us find inner harmony. In the study of colors, it is considered a relaxing color, but also conducive, favoring female sexuality and creativity! Complex and rich in meaning, purple conveys excellent psychological health!

Violet over the Ages

This color has long been associated with mysticism in the Western symbolism: indeed, in the Catholic religion it is the color of the clothes of the bishop and those worn by priests during Advent and Lent. In addition, it is the symbol of nobility, and it aroused little interest before the 70s, when it had also its revolution in the area of furniture!

Violet, the Alternative to Black Light

Violet has the ability to replicate the simplicity of a black, very popular in the halls or rooms, while offering much greater brightness. With shades of dark and electric violet, it seems clear and stylish. Nowadays, designers use purple quite frequently! This color has become very fashionable and you may wonder why. Violet has the feature that gives an impression of luxury to the simplest items.

Violet in Your Living Room

Violet is very frequently used to dress up rooms: elegant, contemporary, and dense, creating a sober atmosphere and design. Some people use it to the walls of the room: it allows them get black or grey furniture without a depressing result and violet can trigger the impression of a larger space! Indeed, purple, as blue and red, gives a sense of depth to any spaces.

A Violet Office

Purple was recently chosen as one of the most soothing colors. It has thus become the favorite color for offices, since it offers both relaxation and improves creativity.

Can Purple be Used Everywhere?

One might think that purple would not match a kitchen or bathroom. Yet, many people now opt for a soft purple (or occasionally electric) in toilets, corridors or in the kitchen. The most important thing is to create and maintain a harmony between the shades and parts of the house.
What Environments can be created using Purple?

By its wealth of shades, purple matches many colors, but beware! It all depends on the atmosphere you want to create. For a futuristic interior, opt for electric purple, intermingled with black or white furniture, preferably lacquered. For more originality, you can add a touch of bright orange. For a sexy and baroque design feel free to play with colors like plum, eggplant violet, purple or violet-gray with black lace that suggest sensuality! Such colors are perfect for cozy rooms.

the structure intropical build

The structure we have in the tropical area of specification that we submit our proposal with all.

• Timber Structures
All components of the wood crafted and included as a hardwood tropical Indonesia-Bangkirai. Bangkirai is 3x stronger from the Douglas Fir and natural made no proofing dangerous chemicals. Components and bolted to exceed the requirements Hawaii storm (100 mph) and all the walls and Trusses are pre-crafted in our workshop with the humidity foil / series of obstacles and 1x4 T & G horizontal board in place.

• Connector Package
System supply our custom Hot dipped Galvanized bolts and connectors for all major connection points.

• Door
Door jambs and produced in Bangkirai also, to ensure consistent and aesthetic maximum restiveness termites. Offered is a combination of various configurations equipped Bangkirai door frame, 6mm flake glass, stainless steel hinges and cut locksets and Teflon, stainless steel, aluminum, with the roller track system.

• Windows
Crafted to the same window above the door, take advantage of the hardware of stainless steel, aluminum sliding track and operating spring tension awing hardware windows with 6mm.

• Hardware
We have selected high-quality hardware package that is available in the U.S. and manufactured in Europe. Rolling Track System, Stainless Steel hinges Stainless Euro lever lockset design, and durable spring hinges for the awing window.

• tropical treatment facilities
For tropical aesthetic, we provide equipment mats woven from palm tree stock of Java. Resulted in a 4x8 sheet, the surface layer has a natural weather for bugs and fungi. When used as a ceiling treatment, you will be the contractor to glue down 5 / 8 "plywood roof sheathing.

• Roofing
In accordance with a tropical taste, we have options for three types of roofing materials.
. Shingles iron. Hand-split; point cut, durable
for 100 years.
. Metal roof. Using a 5-coat process, which is the roof
available in various colors. , 5 Mm Steel.
. AlangAlang. In a place that allows a building code
tropical original roof, we can supply the Bali thatch roof (alungalung).
Applied correctly and maintained, this roof can last from 7-10 years old.

• Skylights
Integral to our contemporary tropical system is venting skylights that allow ambient daylight in the venting hot air out. Built from extruded anodized aluminum, plastic and lenses Polycarb cells, we skylights provide effective light transmitive detail.

• Cabinets
Cabinets are produced from solid tropical hardwood species in addition to some Bangkirai.
Euro-style hardware and all produced to the west our quality standards.

• Countertops
Countertop materials and splash included in the granite only. With some color ranges are available, we feel that granite is the perfect compliment to Bangkirai cabinets.
. Countertops granite slab 1 "thick slabs and counter splash with good material
or square fine bullnose leading edges.

• Flooring
Material Options:
. Bangkirai 1x4 T & G floor with us as a standard component. While working as a structural basis of the system also, when done to the quality of the floor, the 'color project a consistent solution to the floor.
Indonesia porcelain Tile A surfaced applied 40x40cm smooth or textured tile for the bathroom and kitchen. There are various colors.
Indonesia is the classic Marble ceiling natural marble O-ring is available in the field and the size of the border.

design tropical home

Tropical design is one way to see the habitat when you live in the tropics. Are the elements to create a conducive environment and climate tolerably well, and integrated? This is the development of systems and products that work well naturally, to overcome various climate conditions and give vitality and style to the tropical experience. The basic elements of tropical design is a high-pitched roofs, so do not get rain quickly as hot increased air and escapes to make you cool; retractable doors and windows to promote the flow-through ventilation and allows you to open a large house in the lazy days ; Outside the park for a bath and rain; details simple and finish that is compatible with the environment. All but a part of the tropical lifestyle. Clothing, food, drinks, activities and relaxation of the experience and all tropical lend praise to the chorus, to ensure that tropical lifestyle is correct.

Asian Style Bedroom with Black and Red

Asian styles bedroom are used in almost all around the world, this special style of "feng shui" and another thing about furniture positions had an unique culture. On the picture above, you can see the Asian style especially Japanese and Chinese style. The Japanese cultural style in home design used most natural materials, Chinese cultural style in Chinese used all natural five elements of the earth.

Tropical Teen Girl's Bedroom

Nowadays, more teen prefer to choose an adult style for their bedroom, Today’s hot new looks are centered around sophisticated, modern or “cool” designs. This is exactly what we are going to present in this post. Finding teenage bedroom design ideas to please the often fickle and fleeting tastes of teenagers and teens can be a challenge, so it is important to come up with ideas that are fun, fresh and easy to change.
In these days teens actually have pretty good design sense (probably from watching so much TV and reading magazines full of pictures!), all best bedroom design use fresh style and minimalistic furnitures.

Prefab Home as a new home improvement solution

Prefab Home as a new home improvement solutionThe trend of future home design always tends to create as simple as possible, a minimalist room is a favorite design, all best home design is now using this house remodeling to create a minimalist or antique style. Prefab home is the new home imrpvement solution, it’s minimalist, cheap and trendy. Here’s the H4 prefab home from momoy, I’m impressed for the design. Simple, elegant and have strong contemporary style. Just add with each minimalist room design and furnitures, so you’ll have a modern home in cheap price !

Makeover a room with wallpaper

Upon entering a house, people will almost always notice the walls first since they are the largest surface area in any given room. The designs on the wall will attract anyone’s attention, and even if there’s luxurious furniture and décor all around, if the walls aren’t done well, the room doesn’t light up the way it’s supposed to. Simply put, walls play a crucial role in interior planning and design. Choosing the right home decorating wallpaper is elemental in giving any room that added vivacity.

You can revamp a room wall without completely repositioning the furniture, or buying a range of new décor, or severely shifting the room’s theme. If one is already satisfied with the way things are, a quick change in wallpaper will instantly liven up a room and change its whole feel and look. The most important factor here is choosing the right wallpaper and wall paper border to incorporate to the rest of the room’s overall theme and structure.

Minimalist Apartment Room Design with Black and White Color

Minimalist Apartment Room Design with Black and White ColorMinimalist room design as a trend of room design use a simple but elegant room designing, completed with minimalist style for the room's decorations, this design use a minimalist space usage in black and white color, finest room compositions, matched decoration's color and other special things.

Minimalist Apartment Room Design with Black and White bedroom ColorApartment is one of favorite house who rent by a party for another people, usually a client who want to rent an apartment need a special room that clean looks, simple but cheap enough. This is the K. Wah (China) Investment Co Ltd. Apartment designed by CL3.

Opened Bedroom, a solution for fresh room

Opened room can maximize the freshness of the house, by opening the rooms widely, we can feel more health by breathing in outdoor fresh air. Complete your outdoor room by planting a lot of trees, so, let the oxygen entering your room for your healthy.
Enjoying the relax time while morning sun bathing can maximize your conveniences, locate several bench or small chair near your opened bedroom.
This is a fresh living room near your opened bedroom, feel fresh from the outdoor fresh air. Special ventilation above can reducing the need of room's lighting.

Centering Interior Bedroom Design

Look at this elegant bedroom, the use of simple color likes black and white for the bedroom and the wall make the compositions of the room looks matched. The centering decoration by placing the hanging frame and the cabinet with the same style of the right side and the left side. So, this is one of best bedroom design from Design Mind.

Modern Window Design with Rounded Style

Rounded style for a window is an unique design, on this best window design, we can see a modern interior with natural rounded style. The window used wooden material with the same material for the floor. We will not need an air conditioner, because on this design, the window and the door are very large, we also doesn't need an additional lighting too, because the natural lighting from the window and the door are sufficient.

Romantic Bathroom with ndividual spectral light combinations

A romantic bathroom can be created by combining the lighting systems. On this bathroom design you can see a lighting system by combining an individual spectral light combination operated with a gentle push of a button on a control panel on the rim of the bath so the desired effect can develop to its full potential in the course of a relaxed bath. And those who do not want to limit themselves to a particular color can simply opt for the automatic color spectrum which starts a fascinating show of the various colors and lighting effects.

The main front of the rear basement

Operators R-1146-96CE
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The main front of the rear basement

Each plan, including 8 sets of printed outside elevations, floor plans, foundation plans, the structure of the layout, electrical and heating plans and the building regulations.

Plan Details
Plan ID: R-1146-96CE
style: Rose
Depth: 51 ft.
width: 46 ft.
rooms: 3
Bathroom: 2
Master on Main: Yes
Garage: 2 car
The main floor area: 1,147 Sq. Ft.
PLAN PRICE: $ 680.00




Duplex apartment building designed

A raft
Click on the image for a larger version

Duplex apartment building designed for a corner lot with maximum privacy for both parties! Each party has 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom with a spacious living / kitchen area to calculate the length! Carport on each side of life extends to the area outside the room. The basic plan comes with a slab-on-grade foundations, stucco walls and outside the hip / Gable roof.

The structure is 81'-0 "wide and 33'-0" depth, but many can be placed in the 33'-0 "side facing the main road.

SQUARE footage:
A raft
Living: 905 Sq. Ft.
Piazza: 30 Sq. Ft.
Carport: 234 Sq. Ft.
U.B. TOTAL: 1,169 Sq. Ft duplex B
Living: 798 Sq. Ft.
Piazza: 30 Sq. Ft.
Carport: 258 Sq. Ft.
U.B. TOTAL: 1,086 Sq. Ft

TOTAL IN block: 2,255 Sq. Ft