simple minimalis home

from Arkinetia
23rd September 2007 - Posted in Minimalism House

Arkinetia shows us one simple design house in the shape of a rectangle, minimalist form, in Spain.
The house represents the conclusion and openness to the open space in the grass and sense of horizontality.

Study of Architecture + minimalism house in Formentera
The study, and the house is the core of the service, which separates the work to private life, and is provided with a bookstore, a file, bath, cooks, beds, cabinets, equipment and traces of two walls, which allow divided into two main areas, conceal intimate spaces, as an office or guest bedroom.

Thus, one obtains a certain flexibility and multifunctionality. Surrounding that includes a program (12 x 12 m) extending the area of generating internal-external transition, in the basic width.

3D model construction of the house before his production

In Miniatur out of the house demonstrated some insight into the house through the front and rear view.
Complete and detailed site with information about this proposal can be found here: