unique swirl wallpaper

Moss house with a unique swirl of wallpaper Nendo
Oct 24 2008 By: Momoy Category: Design Gallery
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unique swirl wallpaper

Moss House renovated by Nendo, this house was located at Shibuya River in Tokyo's Ebisu neighborhood. The house had accumulated some weird and wonderful features, an inner courtyard, an oddly long hallway, a small room, from a number of previous renovations. The main feature of this house is unique swirl pattern that resembled wallpaper create an ambiguous texture that is either naturally or artificially. Most wallpaper mimic nature through a two-dimensional representation of it, and the wall entirely in moss would simply have been too much.

pattern resembled a kind

staircase and detailed design

over the wall

natural swirl pattern

the room


operating room

Picture & Source: Nendo