Interior design and decoration finished floor - carpet

Interior design and decoration finished floor - carpet
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How Carpet built

It is important to understand the two methods of carpet construction because of financial expenditure for the client and they will run out of questions about why cost more than the other? Why have a looser look, feel firmer, color etc?

Currently, most of the carpets produced by the manufacturer tufting method. It consists of hundreds of needle, thread the yarn through the backing (jute or Polypropylene), which form loops or tufts necessary for long.

Options and then depending on the type of machine to cut loops to form a cut pile tufted carpet or leave the loops to form a looped pile tufted carpet.

The backing is then given a layer of glue layer to improve the position in tufts; other backing layer is then added to keep power.

Axminster carpet

Carpet weaving on a traditional loom. And many of the type of engine called a fabric produced from them. Axminster, for example, different color tufts inserted in the weave from the top of the hill so that they ignite, but not running in the background. With this method, many colors can be used and most Axminster's patterned. Wilton is another example, it is the continuous weaving in and only a small part of the color can be used in the weaving machine. Dump the yarn colors that do not appear on the surface located on the back. This is a cut, cut and looped pile or looped. Patterned Wiltons is possible but at the end of the high quality and price range.

All have carpet backing cloth, yarn hill and at the same time, which means that the tufts remain in place. Weaving is a popular method for the production pattern. Tapestry generally slower than to create a tufted. In general, you can distinguish between the two review by the parties.

Second is the method of construction of high-quality, and your choice will be down to the view that you need.

Carpet can be done with other methods, knitting and bonding. Bond carpet, which was built by gluing tufts from the dump directly to the backing. Knitted carpets have a more complicated construction than the method Axminsters or Wiltons. Yarn and backing the pile with the method of achieving this.

The combination of research and development in the yarn and the engine is married with a specialist designer of textiles and consumer demand is creating a burgeoning new wave of innovative and creative text, style, color and pattern combinations.

Just when you think you've seen everything - the new range is released and open the door to select a new scheme and create a beautiful new environment. The most difficult job is to maintain the option! Overall primary is still valid and what you learn here is a good basis for appreciating the new products to come.

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