Shiro home by Takuya Hosokai

Shiro by Takuya Mori Hosokai + Hiromasa
July 22, 2008 - Posted in Japan

Shiro home by Takuya Hosokai

"Shiro" by Takuya Hosokai + Hiromasa Mori Details:
Design / designers: 1980 / Takuya Hosokai + Hiromasa Mori
Location: city of Fukui, Fukui prefecture, Japan
Job: beauty salon
Built: Jun 2006
structure: Steel-frame buildings
Site area: 194.26 square meters | building area: 78.17 square meters | total area of the floor: 166.79 square meters

Shiro by Takuya Hosokai

A large building by Japanese architect named Shiro, which means White in the English language, Shiro is a hair beauty salon located in Fukui, Japan, made by the architect 1980/Takuya Hosokai + Hiromasa Mori.

Takuya Hosokai + Hiromasa Mori, Shiro

About the Architect "Takuya Hosokai":

- Office for Metropolitan Architecture, Rotterdam

- National University of Yokohama, Yokohama, Japan
- M.E. in Architecture Design

- National University of Yokohama, Yokohama, Japan
- B.E. in Architecture Design

- Born in Niigata, Japan

Shiro, Takuya Hosokai & Hiromasa Mori

Besides simple, and very eye-catching look. Great outlined, not with the usual corner a little tension, and 'sharp' is sure to add meaning to their service hairdo! The building was completed in 2006 as a designer said.
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