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To look neat and well considered, it is up to the house interior with fasad building. If you see the face of art deco, the interior also does not run from that style. Similarly, the model for minimalist home, the interior is designed with style . Home Design Modern Art DecoAlthough in its application, not even a second style itu. For interior space, art deco style of the implementation of many rounded ornaments, boxes, or other geometrical shape, just as accents only. For example, only used for display or TV cabinet cabinet lainnya.

Other furniture such as desks and chairs, a simple model of the selected finishingnya and cocoa brown color (dark brown). When necessary, given the black accent color to look more luxurious. Home Design Modern Art Deco
if minimalist concept, because everything is done completely, thus it does not appear to be empty space should be given a little accent. For example, there was a table or chair tradisional.Material other design accents also can be used, such as products such as handicraft statue (statue), Sculpture, and other accessories that, when visiting the area or result abroad. family rooms, home to art deco model, or minimalist, the better the chocolate color and fiber-fiber wood addition, many people such as wood nyantoh, because the fiber is straight, or slightly reddish mahogany color. While models furniturenya also selected a simple, no-wear carving and engraving profil. tables and chairs in the hall, also choose a simple model. Top of the table is to use wood, you can also use the glass. Wall space is given to eat jewelry, such as sandstone, glass and mirror boxes (glass solder).
Instead of living room with a dull and boring, why not transform. You can choose from a full transform to give you enough room to put a beautiful face increased. Start by determining your budget, specific ideas, and the number of hours you must devote to the project. For example, if you want to transform a room down to the sick during the long holiday sunday, you can be more limited on what can be done if you do not have the time. Referring to the considerations that will perform the work. If you engage a professional, then you will have to weigh things out of a different if you only do work.

If you want to give you room to put a new gleam and new, which begins with a variety of fabrics, textures, colors and models. Simple to change jobs, change the bed of eiderdown outside, from the window treatments, and the image-model can change all aspects of the room. While working with the cloth, you just remember to measure the printed fabric. The executive of the table can also make a big difference. If you currently have a bedroom that model country in which your images are in a frame decorated with flowers reinforcements from the timber, with the reinforcements to be black, wood, or clear, you can take a glimpse into the contemporary. You may want to be a bedroom, a man with a French flair. Using a huge gold reinforcements will help with the decorations.

Planning to add a cushion to beds and chairs, or to change the outside cover of the pillow that you have. If you have a good cushion and the amount of interest hives, you can remove hives and sewing a simple sheath, completely change the aspect. Draperies and cornices are also very good by the transformation that will be your bedroom. Rather than use the same cloth as the place of the curtain panels, bed spread or feather-bed, and cloth model that uses the same layout but the color coordination, do not match.

Even pieces of furniture that can be used to repair the end of the work. If you have a planer and bedhead, built a solid but not the best pieces of furniture at a glance
Room to put a `Remodelling of room to put the idea of` room to put a `` transformation of ideas to improve