Design Styles

With employees 18 people in three offices, we have experienced team and the infrastructure built to enable us to manage many projects simultaneously. Most of our clients are pleasantly surprised to learn that it takes only a few weeks, on its own proposal, most homes. They are even more surprises found that their own home, not to cost 5-7% of home prices. And because we specialize in residential design, we have inside track on the hottest design styles that are popular throughout the country.
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We have designed custom homes low as 1,200 square feet and as large as 15000, and no home is too large and complicated for us to deal with.

How much was the own home?

All user job offers are in the hourly rate and in many cases clients are glad that their homes cost significantly less than expected.

How long does it take to complete your own design?

Given that each work is custom, all have different amounts of time. Typically, once we have received your signed contract approved on offer you will receive a preliminary draft within a week or two. Once you have approved the preliminary draft, we will estimate the time required to complete the working drawings, since the larger the home, the more time we need.

You site consultation?

We should be more than happy to meet with you to visit your site, and depending on the locality, together we will estimate what it costs us to meet you. The price will include the flight and / or car mileage, car rentals, hotel accommodation, if necessary, and meeting time.

How do I start?

Let's meet with you either in person or by fax, phone or e-mail to go over all details, such as size, style, site issues, costs, and all the data that are important for the design of your home. We will then prepare an estimate to complete your design. Once you have signed and returned with the estimate we begin your project.