attic1 Home Improvement

How to convert a loft

attic1 Home Improvement

Image: a. Murray Construction

Remodeling your attic, you can earn some extra living square footage, you can use for a home office, bedroom, playroom for children, and even a bathroom. What was considered a storage space can now increase the comfort of your home and area.

Firstly it is necessary to consult a specialist to see if your attic is suitable for renovation. Is it structurally sound? Does the home electrical system, water lines and units of air conditioning can reconfigure the attic?

The second thing you must do is set a budget. Consider a realistic amount of go into this business, the money spent must be at least equal to the benefits you get from remodeling the attic.

Make a list of supplies you'll need, including price, comply with the budget.

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Image: apartment therapy

Watch the walls of your attic. Do they need editing? If yes, then think of drywall or paneling. Advantages and disadvantages: drywall - cheaper, but requires more work woodwork - more expensive than drywall, but easier to install.

What speech? Usually the floor is determined by object part. If you decide to use your old attic room or new games for children, the carpet is the best choice. For a home office or a hardwood floor guest room is perfect. Although more expensive, it is durable and will repay on time.

Furniture: choosing furniture for your newly renovated attic is not a big deal is like furnishing a room with the same goal on the lower levels. However, there is something you should consider - the roof. It comes in different shapes and tastes, so keep in mind.

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