high cube kitchen kitchen bravo

One of their most interesting is the collection of the kitchen, The High Cube.

high cube kitchen kitchen bravo

At Bravo they have put their heart and soul into every unit, wall, and the resulting luxury and glamorous worktop end product.

Display collection based on a minimalist lines, smooth texture, glossy and matte surfaces, clean shapes and tones of black blocks, white, beige and gray.

High surface Cube is made of natural stone solid Samarcanda so they will be extremely durable and will still appear in top top condition much longer than the kitchen worktop is made from artificial materials.

kitchen bravohighcube2 300x267

Also note in the picture below is a delicious high gloss white wall mounted cabinet in complete contrast with matte, dark end of the kitchen worktops and cupboards.

bravohighcube3 kitchen

In the following pictures below you can see the true depth of the kitchen units Bravo said that the owner gives a big bonus. According to the company website Cube 75cm height of the unit far more in than the average highstreet store kitchen units. This extra depth means the user has more worktop space and storage space, too!

bravohighcube4 kitchen
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