large wrap-around deck canopy with flag stone surface

Craig Project: Design and Build 2007

This project consisted of a large wrap-around deck canopy with flag stone surface. Skylights were added to provide more natural light in the subject area along with the roof open on each side. Homeowners had a preference for the hidden roofs and no collar ties to ceiling windows. Extensive structural steel beams and were used to achieve this "open concept" design.

Narrow corner of the canopy, the solution was for the city of Ottawa by geographical and legal minimum for the rear yard setback.

Montana Project: Design 2006

This beautiful colonial style house requires a new two-story deck on the front elevation. We decided to extend the original size to allow a greater flow area and allow a little more substance to the overall appearance.

Greater detail columns, railings and fascia work well to achieve this objective while maintaining relationships with existing buildings.