Minimalist house design can be modern or contemporary in nature

Minimalism Practice

Minimalist house design can be modern or contemporary in nature. Unifying element to focus on shape, color, and texture, as opposed to ornamentation. Lighting in both cases tend to be in the design industry with a focus on light line, light art, and accent lights. Modern minimalist space usually feature a white or neutral wall with little to no work or window casing trim. Plain wall art and allows large accessories to take center stage. Major walls or glass windows are usually used to create a sense of airiness and maximize natural light. Modern layout usually open concept with a simple division that made the room with furniture, bookshelves, cloth, or low-rise closet.

Modern minimalist house design using geometric forms thick with polished finish and an asymmetrical balance. Textures are kept to a minimum, and the form takes precedence over function. Furniture is efficient in the form and fabric with a cloth or leather in a neutral color or tone-on-tone pattern. Metal accents such as stainless steel or chrome is often seen on pieces of furniture, hardware, or equipment. Surface and wood cabinets often receive polished or lacquered finish on the light wood color. Flooring is usually a simple surface treatments such as concrete, wood, linoleum, stone, or ceramic.

On the other hand, contemporary minimalist house design features a tough environment the same but with a softer approach and outline form. Sweeping curves and rounded lines in the layout of rooms, furniture, and accessories. The wall remained neutral but with warmer shades such as taupe, brown, cream, and beige. Pops bold primary colors are often combined with accent wall paint, art pieces, upholstery, or carpet.

Texture is also important to create the warmth and comfort in a contemporary minimalist house design. Microfiber or velours fabric add softness to the sofa and chairs while the feature plush carpets, fluffy texture. Works of art often colorful and striking contemporary space planted with energy. A contemporary minimalist design integrates the subtle texture of natural fabrics such as linen, cotton, wool, or silk.
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