Best Home Design series of Modern Room Flooring at a Penthouse

wood flooring for modern living room design
Wood flooring is one of the best flooring design, here is the sample of the use of wood material on flooring, cabinetry, kitchen cabinet, and another storage system of this penthouse unit. This beautiful penthouse is located in Boston, Just enjoy and see these beautiful home furnishing and it's wooden flooring.
wood flooring for modern kitchen design

wood flooring for modern bedroom design

wood flooring and cabinetry for modern room design

wood flooring for modern room design

Cool Teen Bedroom Design for Boys and Girls by Hulsta

Cool Teen Bedroom Design for Boys and Girls by Hulsta
Boys and Girls need a special thing to celebrate a youth, energetic and cheerful. So, here is the cool teen bedroom design from Hulsta. A series of  zippy, trendy and bring some much needed fun to the bedroom. A teen bedroom should have a simple and minimalist furniture and bed. A simple room decoration will make this bedroom looks more fresh.
Blue and Red Cool Teen Bedroom Design for Boys and Girls by Hulsta

Black and White Cool Teen Bedroom Design for Boys and Girls by Hulsta

Cool Pink Teen Bedroom Design for Boys and Girls by Hulsta

Cool Pink Shelving Teen Bedroom Design for Boys and Girls by Hulsta
Turqoise another great color. Don't get overlemed or be afraid to use this color. I used this color in my Upward Bound room. It created an environment of tranquility.


Amethyst is the color of spirtuality and transformation. This new color for 2010 is a trend for fashion and your home.

Do I Need A Rug Pad?

Here are some tips; Helps to keep in place and prevents slipping and sliding. Avoiding color saturation and if you spill anything on the rug, the pad will help protect the floor from damage.

thanks Amanda!

Comfort and Relaxing with Swissflex Smart Bed

Comfort and Relaxing with Swissflex Smart Bed
Comfort and design. The combination of ingenious technology and creative design invokes uni­maginable possibilities. This is the smart bed with the symbiosis of comfort and design offers an entirely new aesthetic sleep experience. Perhaps the most perfect transition from dream to reality. Here are several products of Swissflex. There are a lot of awesome bed series, such as Ambiente series, SF Series, mattresses, and pillows.
Comfort and Relaxing with Swissflex Smart Bed
This is the Ambiente 500 with smart concept, for endless comfort with a frameless slat base. Timeless, sleek design with stylish, authentic materials and fascinating colour interpretations. Highest comfort combined with luxurious ambiance. The floating visual appearance of the slat base is matched by the body’s sense of near weightlessness. --swissflex--
Comfort and Relaxing with Swissflex Smart Bed

Comfort and Relaxing with Swissflex Smart Bed

Comfort and Relaxing with Swissflex Smart Bed

Does your new rug shed a lot?

Does your new rug shed? The secret is to vacuum several times to slow the processes. Will it stop, no but slows the fur balls hanging in the corners. Keep your receipt and ask what is the store return policy. Most company will exchange/return due to quality issue.

How do I clean my rugs? Tip 1: Use distilled water first. You could blotted with a white cloth or spray bottle. Tip 2: If the stain is deep use a carpet stain removal that would be delicate. Spot test it first to make sure there is no discoloration. Tip 3: It may be time for a new rug.

Bali is one of the most famous architect

Bali is one of the most famous architect, who are already in their names nationaly and internationaly its architecture and villas, hotels, and homes all over the world.

Name as Popo Danes, Sukarmayasa Made, Made Wijaya, some of Bali's most famous architects and landscape design for the property. If you want to create the best property around it, see more, since they put their best efforts to bring the best of their dream property and landscape design into reality.

As the main contractor, we will also make its best efforts to realize the asset master design for the top design. The carefully constructed details of every aspect of perfections is our main concern and is committed to the goal you achieve your dream property a rea

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Dining Area!

La Casella-Lennar Homes. Had an amazing time creating this 3 bedroom home. Yes I used all West Elm. With the help of two amazing designer partners Phyllis Bowie from Bowie Interiors and Rachel Winokur from Etta Design. The artiest is Amber Trueblood which brought in another deminsion of style.

Contemporary Kitchen Lighting Ideas Project by Mal Corboy:

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Kitchen lighting can adding a special value of the kitchen, here are the project of blue lighting contemporary kitchen by Mal Corboy: Here is the description of the project:

The client purchased this penthouse apartment off the plans and has been three years in the making.

The award winning Architect for the apartment project had designed this contemporary complex with very modern simple lines. There is a high degree of glass and natural stone on the exterior. He had sourced European Imported Kitchens for all of the apartments, however my client found that the company could not meet the height he wanted in the cabinetry of 2.4 meters’. A client that I have worked with in the past recommended they commission myself to assist them achieve their perfect Kitchen.

As my clients has been involved with the Professional Motor Sport Industry for a number of years, they wanted a very masculine looking space. To achieve this we eventually chose the Stat Vein Marble and Stainless Steel, which provided an overall strong mono chromatic look to the Kitchen. Bench tops were made 150mm high of Stainless Steel with the Stat Marble inserted into the work surface. I continued the use of the Stainless Steel on the draws, doors and end panel fronts. My clients were particularly fond of Gaggenau appliances and wanted these, to not only match their overall look, but also used extensively within their Kitchen. This required sourcing and importing the Gaggenau fridge/freezer from England as at that time the integrated option wasn’t available in our country. A streamline chromed handle was used on all the cabinetry which were imported from Germany, this gave the Kitchen nice lines and could be used secondary to the Blum electric push release draws. The clients are very design conscious people and coupled with the fact it was twelve months before production began for this Kitchen, I was required to rework the drawings several times as their taste changed as they were exposed to new and different products in the market place. The end result is a very contemporary kitchen which takes peoples breath away when they first see it. This has become a focal point in this large open plan apartment.

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